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  1. Welcome SNoo48 I don't know how helpful this information will be to you but I just wanted to give you another avenue to try. Many of the ladies in this forum used a company known as Awesome Caribbean Weddings, their website is talktous@awesomecaribbeanweddings.com. This company has helped many of us to plan our wedding down to flowers, caters, venues (ceremony and reception), and etc.. They are extremely prompt and professional and willing to cater to all of your needs. They are an asset to a busy woman like yourself who as a million balls to juggle all at once. You can see if they can somewhat help you at your already chosen location. If they are unable to provides assistance see if they can recommend someone who is able to help. Good Luck!!
  2. I contacted ACW and they made all they made all the arraingments for me. They sent me the menu and prices pp. Happy planning
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    Name Change

    Did you ladies have a hard time deciding on changing your last name? We ladies have so many choices such as keeping our name, hyphernate, or just adding on the name without hypernating. What did you ladies do? If you changed how long did it take for you to do it?
  4. Hello ladies, I am a newbie to this forum so please forgive my errors as I learn to navigate my way around this forum. I want to shout out all past, present, and future St. Lucian brides. My wedding is scheduled for 07*08*09(groom picked the date because he felt he would always remember this date). It will be taking place at the Sea View Garden with the reception being held at the Piano Piano restaurant. The wedding is being coordinated by Kayt and her team at Awesome Caribbean Weddings. I am using a videographer(don't know his name) and the photographer who came highly recommended by ACW name is Mickael. I decided I would have a welcome bag for my guests. This welcome bag consist of snacks(pretzels and cookies), candy and an animal beach ball for the children, towels(purple and yellow) and glasses(martini, champagne, and shot-for the men only). The towels and glasses have a beach design on it, our names and wedding date. Also included in the bag is a passport book. This book contains of a welcome note (got from this forum),a map of the island, tours, night life in St. Lucia, history about the island,key people contact information, popular restaurants, and a caricature of myself and the groom. The favor bag has a cd(R&B and reaggae love songs), a bottle stopper(our invitations were message in a bottle), luggage tags, candles, and XO soap. The night before the wedding I will be having a rehearsal/welcome BBQ at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort. For the ceremony we are doing the sand ceremony. I also hired a steel pan band prior to the ceremony and for after while the wedding party is taking pictures. I am also using fans as programs. When the guest arrive to the restaurant there will be fire eaters and limbo dancers for entertainment during the cocktail hour. During the entertainment the guest will be eatting the canapes and sipping their signature drink(rum punch) which will be yellow(one of the wedding parties colors). While the guest are at the wedding, I requested that rose petals in the shape of a heart be placed on their bed. Next to the petals will be a poem, I wrote to thank the guest for attending the wedding. After all is said and done I will be leaving the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and spending 7 days at the Sandles Grande. Now I have some questions. How did you ladies transport you dress or dresses? Did you send it ahead, checked it, or carried it on the plane. For those who carried it on the plane what was the procedure? In terms of your favors, welcome bag, etc. did you guys send it ahead or carried it on with you? If you sent it ahead did you have to pay a brokers fee? I have a total of about 40 guest (this is down from 67 just two months ago) and have all these items for them. I really don't want to be weighed down with to much baggage. Did any of you ladies get your nails and/or hair done on the island? If who who did you use and what did you think about the outcome? Thanks for taking the time to read this elaborate thread. Hope to be hearing comments soon. All information is truly appreciated. Chelle
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    St. Lucia

    Hello Ladies: I am a newbie to this forum. I am getting married in St. Lucia on 07-08-09. My fiancé picked the date because he felt the consecutive numbers are lucky for him. The night before the wedding we have scheduled a welcome dinner at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort. The ceremony is at the Sea View Garden and the reception is at a restaurant named Piano Piano. The entire wedding is being coordinated by Kayt of ACW. I am currently in the process of shipping all the favors (luggage tags, candles, bottle stopper, and cd's) and the welcoming bag items (towels, passport, shot, martini, or champagne glasses to the island). I would like to know how you ladies transported your dress to your destination. I do not want to check the dress. To be honest I have 2 dresses, one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. I am glad to be part of this forum and will appreciate any advice you ladies can provide. Chelle