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  1. Here are all the pictures. It is a lot, but I broke them up in categories which might help you all. Picasa Web Albums - kbear1274 - Hotel_Scenery Picasa Web Albums - kbear1274 - Playa Del Carmen Picasa Web Albums - kbear1274 - Steak House Picasa Web Albums - kbear1274 - Golf Picasa Web Albums - kbear1274 - Xel-Ha Picasa Web Albums - kbear1274 - Wildlife Picasa Web Albums - kbear1274 - Mexico Picasa Web Albums - kbear1274 - Arriving Picasa Web Albums - kbear1274 - Wedding The last one is the actual wedding and rehearsal dinner. Both my rehearsal dinner and reception were changed to a new restaurant once I got there, saw them and the menus. I wouldn't have changed a thing about that. I had that luxury as the resort still wasn't full due to the swine flu. Also, I highly recommend going to Xcaret and not Xel-Ha. Xel-Ha was nice, but I don't think it was worth the money, and I've heard the other is better. Feel free to ask anything, especially if you are staying at the Tucan/Quetzal. All of the others are together at the Paraiso complex, which is where the golf pictures are taken. That is a good distance from the Quetzal where we were. However, we were only 3 minutes from Playa, a $5 cab ride, that was nice. Cheers!
  2. Hi all! I've returned on Saturday from the trip. The wedding was wonderful. I will post a review shortly, I think I have some information that will be good to share with those of you at the Quetzal/Tucan. The only negative we had was with the photoshop (what a bunch of losers)... I have some ideas for those of you going outside for the photog. Sascha Gluck was awesome (although I haven't seen the pics yet). I will post a link to pics and the review shortly!
  3. Hi all! Getting so close to the wedding, I'm really nervous. Plus I'm a procrastinator and with all these hotel changes/etc, I'm still doing things I should have done months ago. If anyone is interested, here are my engagement pics, we took them ourselves (well my BFF with my new camera)...feel free to add me as a friend on Facebook if you wish as well! Katie Crowe Foster's Photos - Engagement Photos | Facebook
  4. Hi all! So, just got confirmation that we are not getting upgraded. We will indeed be at the Quetzal on June 15th. We arrive on the 13th, and they are re-opening at least the Quetzal/Tucan on June 1st. Time is ticking away and I'm still not done. I still need to get an outfit for my son, (he's BM) and a gift for the MOH. I'm also just a bit scared... eek...
  5. Danielle, you look absolutely gorgeous! Did you do your own hair? Wow, I hope I look half as good as you do!
  6. Hi all! I'm so frustrated, my TA is giving me the runaround, saying that the resorts are going to reopen on the 1st, but maybe not, so no upgrade. This makes me so upset as we are less than a month away and I can't get a clear answer. Anyone have any news yet? Thanks! Katie
  7. Please send to me at kbear1274@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!!
  8. This is actually quite comical...that horrible WC/TA here we had waited so long to get our date, we missed out on the Maya which is where I wanted to have it. Then, I pretty much haven't done anything until now, so no research lost for me. I guess that's good luck on my side. Sorry for those of you that have spent all this time. I hope the upgrade is worth it though, and I sure hope it's not too crowded!
  9. Hi all, anybody know yet for how long they will be closed? In other news, got the grooms wedding ring last night, it was in stock so I was super lucky there!
  10. Thanks for the info on the verbiage. I found something last night, and my sister, who is a writer, is going to "enhance" it. Also, I'm so happy, as the photographer is booked. I'm using Sascha Gluck sp? and I'm so excited. I got this information here from Kathy and I'm thrilled. Someone cancelled so he had my day open! Yeah!
  11. Hi Ladies! Because our wedding planner (that we've since dumped) took so long to confirm a wedding date for us, we never got the chance to send out save the dates. Now, everyone is booked for the wedding that is going to go, but we would like to send out "wedding invitations" or more appropriate announcements of the upcoming wedding. Does anyone have good verbiage for this? I've done some searching but I'm not a good writer and need some help. Thanks!!
  12. Welcome Amyrot, wish I would have started early like you. Good luck!
  13. Yes, sorry, I'm so overwhelmed. My first question is: I haven't even thought about dinner/dancing/cocktail hour, etc. I see a lot of folks are having their dinner at the steakhouse. Is that the reception or do you recommend having a "party" afterwards. I'm trying not to go overboard with money, that's one of the reasons that we chose a destination wedding. This is my second, but his first. Thanks!
  14. Hi all, My name is Katie and I'm getting married on June 15, 2009 at the Tucan. I have spent a lot of time reading, you ladies are awesome. I would love if you all could fill up my inbox with all of the resources you have. I've seen boarding passes to pictures of restaurants. I'm really laid back and haven't done much. I know I'm so close and it's time to get it done. Please help! My email addy is kbear1274@yahoo.com.
  15. kef1274

    Iberostar Bride

    Hi all, I just found your forum. I'm so close to the wedding, and haven't done much. Needs lots of help quick! My name is Katie and I'm getting married at the Iberostar Tucan on June 15, 2009.