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  1. We're using it, and so far, so good!
  2. We're getting married at a tapas restaurant set in this old Georgian mansion, so our wedding will have a distinctly Spanish/old world vibe. Our colors are red black and gold, and we're incorporating lots of lace. We're having a photobooth, so our favors are the photos themselves...since they print in 2x6 strips, we got little plastic bookmark sleeves for everyone to take their picture strips home in. At everyone's place at the reception, there will be a bookmark sleeve with a note in it explaining what it's for. File attached. bookmarks.doc
  3. I'm so sorry I hope you will be able to reschedule or find another solution that will make you happy.
  4. foolishfire

    Strangers to my wedding????

    Oh, I totally understand! What is it with people thinking that they automatically get to bring a +1?? I don't want a random stranger showing up to my WEDDING when they've only been dating a guest for like, 1 month. That's just crazy. On your wedding day you should just be surrounded by people you love - not random people who you'll never see again!
  5. foolishfire

    We canceled our wedding...

    Oh, I'm so sorry - that's so disappointing I hope the resort lets you reschedule or else you find another place that will be just as wonderful and special.
  6. foolishfire

    Viva Las Vegas!!

    Fun! I bet you'll have a blast in Vegas!
  7. foolishfire


    Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Romine Welcome fellow Illinoisan! Where are you getting married in Chitown? mark Thanks! Naperville, actually, since we feared a downtown wedding would be too expensive for guests.
  8. foolishfire


    Thanks, everyone! You're all super friendly & I have no doubt that cruising this forum will be a fun experience!
  9. foolishfire

    May 2009 Brides

    Nearly done...putting the last touches on our ceremony (we're writing it ourselves), and doing all the little details: creating escort cards, oot welcome packet/bags, mock up centerpieces and take pictures to give to friends that are helping me set up...
  10. foolishfire

    Dancing with Dad!

    I'm trying to decide, but right now am leaning towards "My Girl"
  11. foolishfire

    Did you send any pre-wedding info?

    I'll definitely at least send out a few mass emails that will give/remind people of necessary information. I will also put together some kind of welcome packet for guests to receive once they check into their hotel.
  12. foolishfire

    Ever meet someone famous?

    I met Joey McIntyre (NKOTB) briefly once.
  13. foolishfire

    What's your first dance song?

    "Time After Time" - the version from the movie Strictly Ballroom.