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  1. I got my MOH a bracelet from Pandora- I picked out charms I knew she would like, and some glass beads in her favorite color- I only got it about half full so she can add as she wants- she loved it
  2. great find- and amazing customer service!!! Please come back and let us know what you think of them once you get them, I am thinking about ordering these too!
  3. I got some at Target this week- they were half Sudoku and half word find-- in the dollar section.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lilly129 I can't help with the aisle runner - BUT I am going down in two weeks and if no one else has the answer, I'll be happy to measure the walkway for you! (if you don't mind waiting until May 10th for the answer) I can help with the buffet - you choose one of the three and you get everything listed. Before you make the tags - actually close to your wedding date I would confirm with Ana that the buffet menu hasn't changed (just to be extra careful) Thank you so much!!! Yeah, I was going to wait for the buffet tags, but I found som really cute photo holders on sale at Kohls, so I was going to pick them up now, just making sure I got enough! Have a great time on your site visit! Tracy
  5. Hi All, I have been away for a while (darn work!!) but started back to planning! I have 2 quick questions (right now anyway)--- 1) for those that have used an aisle runner for the gazebo- what length? We are thinking of getting a personalized one, but I wasn't sure which size to get? and 2) for the buffet, do you just choose 1 of the 3 (mexican, caribbean or BBQ) and get all that is listed under that section, or do you have to choose from within each section (salad, hot, show and dessert)? I know we are going to have the buffet, and once we decided which one, I was planning on making tags to identify everything- I was curious as to how many I need. Thanks to all for the info! Tracy
  6. I tried using the links that were posted several pages back, but they don't seem to be working for me-- I am wondering what materials are best? I am thinking about getting a separate dress for TTD, but the one I like is satin and organza-- I am thinking the satin will be fine, but what about the organza- any thougths? Thanks! Tracy
  7. Hi All, I am hoping one (or some) of you can help me, I am looking for pictures of a bridal bouquet from the movie "When in Rome"- it is the bouquet from the 2nd wedding (where the main character is the bride, not her sister)- the flowers are white/ivory with what look like burgundy accent flowers- I have searhed the internet and I can't seem to find any movie pics with the flowers- anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Tracy
  8. Hi All, I have a question (I tried searching, but didn't get anything, so if it has been asked before, I apologize)- on all of your invitations, what address are you using for the site of the wedding? Are you just putting the name of the resort, or the full address? Thanks! Tracy
  9. thanks for sharing, they are beautiful.
  10. so glad you were able to get incredible shots!!!! they are amazing!
  11. They are all great, but I love the ones with the train in the background!