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  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing!
  2. These are great! Your guests are going to love them!
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!
  4. These are great! I love you colours!
  5. I knew the size for most of the women coming to the wedding. I just guessed for the guys.
  6. These are great! I didn't do the gifts when I asked them. I'm going to try and incorporate something in for when we arrive at our destination.
  7. Wicked! It's always such a winning feeling when you score an aswesome deal!
  8. Looks great! Good job! I've got 3 more days to finalize mine! Hope they work out as well as yours!!!
  9. I've been creating 1 bag per room but I try to put a little something special in the bags for each person. If it's a couple I've included fun gifts for the girl and the guy.
  10. I've gotten quite a few from the beauty section in department stores. I just ask whenever I'm shopping and add what I get to the collection. Good luck!