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  1. betandpjk

    KHarrod's Wedding Pics

    You look great. Your hair flower is gorgeous!!!
  2. betandpjk

    Boudoir Poses

    Thanks for the sites. I'm going on my session next week!
  3. Oh no, sorry about that! I just ordered a bunch of gifts from them 2 wks ago. Hope it comes in on time for my shower on Oct. 17
  4. super cute!!! we're thinking about the same thing. i love wurstfest cups too!!!
  5. betandpjk

    Group cruise activities besides the wedding?

    A farewell breakfast sounds awesome. I might have to do that as well.
  6. betandpjk

    SOLD: Chapstick Tubes (to be filled)

    Hey Lady, Let me know if you have any leftovers!!!
  7. betandpjk

    I'm really getting married!!!

    Congrats! That's exactly how I felt when we booked our cabin! How exciting! What cruise line?
  8. He proposed 2 mos. before our 7th yr anniversary, so together for 6 years, and we're getting married 4 mos. before our 8th year together!
  9. betandpjk

    ~*petals*~ big fat reggae playlist

    Awesome! Definitely using some of these songs!
  10. Great Job! Love the hot sauce!!!
  11. betandpjk

    OOT Bag pic =)

    That's so cute! Your mom is awesome!
  12. I'm addicted too! So far, I've spent $50. I bought 500 business cards for luggage tags, and favor tags. 100 postcards for picture sharing 3 Tote Bags 4 T-Shirts 40 note cards (thank you cards) 4 post its 4 note pads 25 magnets Wow! The list goes on and on!