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  1. Thanks everybody. We're in contact with a travel agent right now...I'm sure there will be more questions down the road.
  2. Hi, My mom's pushing for a cruise ship wedding, but I've got some reservations, and I'm not finding answers to my questions about it. Some help would be appreciated. Is it possible to do an in port, beach wedding, and stay late enough on the beach to get sunset photos? If you do the wedding earlier, what do you do with the rest of your day How accommodating are cruise ships with allergies (I have celiac disease, and I can't eat gluten - I desperately don't want to be sick for my wedding). How are the cruise ship wedding co-ordinators to work with? Thanks in advance!
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    Hi, I'm bridetwobee, and I'm newly engaged. We don't have an exact location or date for our wedding yet, but we're probably looking at February 2010. We're dreaming of a Costa Rican wedding, but haven't managed to get all the immediate family on board yet.
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