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  1. Update: Hair Flowers and Palm Tree Charms are SOLD! Everything else is still available-make an offer if you are interested!
  2. I have one more thing to add to the list: 35 Palm Tree Favor Boxes: $10 for all!
  3. I actually bought 25 pairs as leftovers from another BDW bride back in the fall. I have no idea where she got them but I know she had a ton of different colors. Maybe check ebay? Sorry I can't be more helpful!
  4. Continued… Flip Flop Wine Coasters: $5 for set This is a set of 4 coasters for wine glasses-perfect as a bridesmaid gift! Palm Tree Flip Flops: $3 for all Black size 8, Green size 8 and Green size 7 Glass Bowls for Candy Buffet: $5 each Lantern Gazebo Lights: $15 This is a NEW set of lights with multi-colored lanterns for a gazebo or pop-up tent. Thanks for looking!
  5. Hi ladies, I'm finally getting around to cleaning out the "wedding room" in our house (you know you all have one!!) because we need to transform it into the nursery! Prices below do not include shipping. Please PM me if you are interested! Pair of Hair Flowers: $25 These are two ivory hair flowers from David's Bridal with swarovski crystals. Originally $45. I actually only used one in my hair for the wedding day. Bridal Clutch: $25 This is a gorgeous champagne colored clutch with crystals. SPANX Marry Me Footless Shaping Pantyhose: $15 These are new, white, size A (small). I bought them for $24 and tried them on once (over underwear, LOL!) but ended up using something else that I purchased from the bridal store. 6 Palm Tree Charms with Crystals: $5 for all Palm Tree Print-at-Home Invites/Programs: $5 These are cream colored folded cards. I actually used them to print my itinerary and put one in each OOT bag. There are 12 cards, 14 envelopes and a layout guide. Straw Beach Mats: $2 each I have 4 aqua and 1 navy. I bought these to use as table runners at my reception but didn't end up needing them. Steam Buddy: $8I I bought this to take along to my wedding but ended up using a travel iron instead. This was purchased as an "open box" at Bed, Bath and Beyond because it is mixing the little pouring cup (which isn't needed anyway). I did test it out at home once after I bought it and it worked fine. Continued below....
  6. I would love some of the flip flops. What do you have left?
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Prettyhazardous I am so mad that OTC doesn't have those palm tree pens anymore. I'm also not doing the first aid kits anymore either. My bags are just ab done now, and I'll be like $200 under budget... Me too! I am doing a Palm Tree theme and these pens would have been perfect. I am going to keep looking and see if I can find anything comparable. However, I did find really nice (and cheap!) palm tree bottle opener key chains on ebay which I bought for the bags. Here is the link: Pack of 6 Aluminiu Palm Tree Bottle Opener Key Rings - eBay (item 250443605430 end time Jun-19-09 20:26:08 PDT)
  8. Jacilynda is right that you can buy them at the store. I bought a swatch this weekend for $1. You could probably call them and explain your situation and I bet they would send you one.
  9. I only have two bridesmaids, so I think I am just going to go for it and order them both a pair. I'll report back after I receive them and give my review!
  10. I am leaning towards getting flip flops for my bridesmaids and I want to get some opinions. Has anyone else ordered from The Dessy Group? They have two different styles of flop flops which are really cute and come in a ton of colors to match any bridesmaid dress. They are only $15 a pair. As a bonus the flip flops also come in a matching bag that the girls might be able to use as a purse! Anyone ever ordered from here?
  11. Okay ladies I need some suggestions! I had assumed that my FI would wear a white shirt and khaki pants, but tonight he told me that he didn't want to wear a white shirt or a linen colored shirt! Any other suggestions for me? He honestly does look best in colors (and my color is going to be blue) but wouldn't it look funny for him to wear the same outfit as the GM?
  12. Hi ladies!! I also also a November bride. We are getting married in Bermuda on 11/9/09. We are taking a cruise from NJ to Bermuda and getting married on the island. I haven't done much yet, but I did get my dress, decide on a location in Bermuda (Astwood Cove Park in case you were wondering) and get a photographer. I'm also working on gathering items for my OOT bags. As you can see, there is still a lot to do, so I am counting on great advice from all of you!!
  13. Here's another question- How and when are you distributing the bags to your guests? I'm having some trouble figuring out the best way. Right now I am leaning towards taking them to dinner the first night and handing them out at that time. What are the rest of you doing?
  14. Hi ladies! I am getting married in Bermuda on 11-9-09 (we're taking a cruise from NJ to Bermuda and getting married on the island) and I am looking forward to great advice and lots of tips!
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