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    Any TTCer's out there?

    Havent been around for a long time n i just came across this thread.... Congrats to the expecting ladies and to the ones that are having a hard time i know how u feel, its comforting to know that u are not the only that is having a hard time Ttc... Well this is my story I am never been regular I can go for a year wo a period n every time I went to the drs they said it was no big deal.... Well hubby n I started trying last year around may and by December found out I was pregnat n @ week 15 lost the baby since February I been in and out of drs.... I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism my hormones are all over the place haven't had a period since November 2010 been in hormone therapy... It's safe to say that I am a little stress about it n it's really hard at times when it seems that all my friends are getting pregnant left and right... It just makes me wonder why I can't.... Sorry if I am venting.
  2. 1sunshine

    Wedding in Maui!

    congrats and happy planning!!! i just got married 2 months ago in Maui!!! you'll have lots of fun!!!
  3. 1sunshine

    Movie game

    Ewan McGregor: Angels and Demons
  4. 1sunshine

    Maui 7/31/10

    Yeyyyyy!!! another maui bride!!! welcome and you will find lots of ideas from this wonderful ladies
  5. 1sunshine

    Movie game

    Amelia: Richard Gere
  6. 1sunshine

    Calling all November 2009 Brides!

    good luck and congrants!
  7. 1sunshine

    Hawaii newbie :)

    welcome to the forum and happy planning!!
  8. 1sunshine

    Movie game

    Moon Bloodgood - a lot like love
  9. 1sunshine

    Calling all November 2009 Brides!

    they are super cute!!
  10. 1sunshine

    Movie game

    Anna Paquin: X-men
  11. 1sunshine

    restaurant for reception closed!!!!!!

    im getting married at the Ritz Carlton kapalua, maui
  12. i just need to vent!, i just got off the phone with m WC and she told me that the restaurant where we are having our reception dinner is going to be closed for renovations!!! i booked the restaurant almost 7 mo. ago and now that we are less than a month for the wedding they letting me know!!!! uggghhhh dont know what to do n i still need to let FI know!
  13. Deborah, 5 Days till your big day!!! Congrats!!!, have a blast and Maui, cant wait to hear back from you!!! have a safe trip!
  14. 1sunshine

    Movie game

    Tom Cruise: The Last samurai
  15. 1sunshine

    What are you walking down the Aisle to?

    my MOH she is walking to All you need is love- Beatles I walking down the aisle to Wait for me- Theory of a deadman (this is our song since we live 600 miles apart) for sand ceremony is Lucky- Jason Mraz and recessional is Im yours- Jason Mraz