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  1. they will steam your dress for you at the Royal and then deliver it right back to your room.
  2. Your coordinator should contact you and then you pay your bill and turn in your final checklist. At least that is how it worked for me in April. Good luck and have a great time in Mexico!
  3. I think noon is a safer bet... I was going to do 1 pm too so I could lay out and enjoy the day. Once you wake up that morning, you will learn real quick it isn't just any regular day, you will be nervous and excited to get all dolled up. After we were all done at the spa, all of the girls hung out in my mom's room with the AC cranked up and ordered room service and had mimosa's while getting dressed and ready for the wedding.. Plus, what if the spa is running behind or something..yu would rather get done early than late, ya know?
  4. I had my make up done by the women at the Royal spa. I brought a picture of an idea of how I wanted it to look. They did an amazing job, and I would not have changed a thing. Of course I needed to touch up lipstick and what not, but what kind of make up stays perfect when it's blazing hot and you have people kissing you and hugging you all night? I would recommend them to anyone. We also had our hair done there as well and they did an amazing job on that too.
  5. I was married at the Gran and we all stayed there. My maid of honor and I got our hair and I got my make up done at the Royal's spa. The spa is literally right across the street from the Gran Porto Real. We walked through the wedding center to get to the spa. We had no problems accessing it. You will be fine.
  6. We had more than 1 entree choice and did not do assigned seating. I just had small place cards made with each guest's name on them. One color was for beef and one color was for shrimp. Then, I just made sure the wait staff new which was which. Each guest picked up their name tags before sitting down and placed it on the table in front of them. Worked very slick, with no problems.
  7. I was married in April at the Gran, and haven't changed my name yet legally here. Too many things going on with the AHR which is now over. I didn't realize it would be such a big deal to change my name. Ladi Di, did you get two copies of your marriage certificate? They are at home and I haven't looked at them in a while, but if I remember correctly I believe one may be translated..... Let me know what you find out on if the Royal will send you a translated copy. Thanks! Jaime
  8. I did insulated mugs for everyone, and they were a total hit!! Drinks stayed cold and you got more in the mug then the glasses they have. Make sure to bring a sharpie marker though so you can write names on the glasses cause know one will be able to keep track of theirs..Plus it's easier for the servers to remember the drinks too!
  9. For my food I had people order both the shrimp with jambalaya rice and the beef torendo my guest loved them both. All of the food was very good. Also before my wedding I was told on this forum I could not do a sand ceremony if I was having a legal wedding, but I confirmed with Zulma that I could do it as long as I did not reference god, as in Mexico they do not mix god with the legal ceremonies. I arrived on Sat and got married on Thur. Met with Zulma to go over things, so you have plenty of time to confirm, ask questions when you get down there. This felt like a big fam / friends vacation to me up until Wed and then I was pretty nervous. You all have to remember the reason you are doing the destination wedding and remember not to sweat the small stuff. It all comes together and you and your guests will have the time of your life.
  10. Hi Ladies - Just returned from 12 days in Playa and was married on the 22nd. Everything was everything I could have asked for and more..!! Zulma's last words to me were, just tell all the girls on the forum to be patient. She was on top of everything anqd completely organized. There was not a lot of information on this forum about the hotel we stayed at and were married at but The Gran Porto Real was awesome!! I would definetly go back there again and everyone we brought with us said the same thing. The location was the best that I had been to in my 3+ trips to Playa. You girls will not be sorry you chose these hotels to be married in. Lots to do since we just got back today but feel free to ask me any questions and I will try and answer any I can. =)
  11. I am getting married on April 22nd at the Gran Porto Real. The beach restoration is done, and it looks beautiful.. Made so there is a nice beach to enjoy...! I can't wait.
  12. jcooper79

    Minneapolis Area Brides?

    I am from MN, and am getting married at the Gran Porto Real April 22!
  13. U pay by Credit Card, the US Coordinator should e-mail you the forms to complete and then you can e-mail them back or fax them.