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    14 day Honeymoon in Europe!

    Dolcegirl- I have travelled and lived in Europe and these are my favorite guides... I love Rough Guides. They are great about including history/culture and are pretty down to earth about what is worth the price. For places to eat I like Lonely Planet. They have some great off-the-tourist-track places in a variety of price ranges. Frommers has some good info as a secondary resource. Personally I can't stand Rick Steves, but I am more of an independent traveller. If you are looking for tell-me-what-to-see-but-I-don't-want-to-follow-an-umbrella tours he's good for that.
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    Newbie from DC area

    Hi all- My name is Britta, wedding date April May 2011 in DC metro area (MD side most likely).