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  1. So, I am getting married at the Grand Lido Negril on Nov. 7, 2009. We previously stayed there in '07. It was wonderfull, staff, food, booze, etc.... While down there we met a couple that had just got married there and they were so happy. We watched they're wedding video with them and it was beautiful. I am getting nervous though because the resort is about to turn into Breezes Negril starting Nov. 1st. Has anyone had any contact with them yet about this? Our travel agent told us only a couple things would change i.e. the free pedicures and 24 hr room service. I just want it to be the same Grand Lido we enjoyed so much, and now I am second guessing this.
  2. Coconut Cream

    Legal Ceremony in US

    So question... If you do have a private, legal ceremony in the states and then have just the beautiful ceremony in the islands are you're resorts still charging you? I am getting married at the Grand Lido, Negril (which is turning into Breezes, Negril). I just found out they are changing hands so that throws a wrench into a lot of things. I guess I will have to maybe ask about this. Thanks for starting this thread.
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    New Jamaican Bride!

    Hey everyone!! My name is Summer and I am getting married November 7, 2009 in Negril, Jamaica! So excited to be on here and exchange ideas with everyone. Drop me a PM if you want to talk to Jamaica. xo, Summer