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  1. So....I finished my STD a few weeks ago....I think I have all the kinks knocked out. I wanted to post the template here for any of you ladies who need a template. I found it on the STD Boarding pass thread. I added vintage mexican travel poster pictures, a vintage mexican map that I tinted blue to match my colors (my colors are the blue, pink and green that you see I used through out) I will post the cover also incase anyone needs that too. I hope when you ladies view it, everything looks ok. I'll be sure to post pictures when I actually cut them out and make them...LOL Ticket Jacket Template- K & C Final.ppt Kristin and Chris STD 2010.pub
  2. Finleys7- Where did you find the pool rafts for your OOT bags? Pls help!
  3. Hi Jennibak- I am getting married at Del Mar...Nov 5th, 2010. I have been using Hotels, Resorts, Cheap Hotels, Discount Hotels, Vacation Packages as my Travel Agency. Her email is aashley@vacationstogo.com. (Addison Ashley) Congrats!
  4. Thanks Kathy! That's Helpful. I'm putting together my Welcome Letter and Itinerary and I want to put the location numbers on there for my guests!
  5. Does anyone know where the former "Tropical", now "Italian" Restaurant is located on the Resort Map? I have a copy of the resort map incase people need it. I am attempting to attach my first attachement....Did I do it? Did I? LOL Map- Paraiso del Mar.pdf
  6. P.S. I got the same email re: the Italian Restaurant. I thought I was misunderstanding something. What does the menu look like. Can someone post it? Please....
  7. Hi Ladies! I finally heard back from Del Mar! I have been trying to confirm my date since April! I wasn't too stressed though cause the wedding is not until NEXT NOVEMBER...yeah I know...really far away! But Karla has been great. I'm trying to stay calm....(I have already ordered a good portion of my OOT bag stuff...I'm trying to pace myself so I don't have to drop major cash all at once. I wanted to pass a website on to you girls cause it was the cheapest place I could find luggage tag sleeves and the rubbery strap thingy. I am making my own luggage tags. (printing them on business cards and slipping them into the sleeves) ClearBags - Promote, Protect and Preserve I hope this helps others. I am going to be sticking 2 luggage tags in each envelope with the invitation. I filled out the resort address and left a place for them to write their names. How is everyone else doing?
  8. Well, I have ordered a good portion of my OOT bag stuff. Here is what I have so far: ( I am putting one bag in each room, with enough items for 2 people to share) Minimus - For All Your Travel Size Item Needs and Oriental Trading Company 1 18" Mesh Beach Bag- $1.49 2 packs of Tylenol-.78 2 packs of Shout Wipes-.78 2 Lip Balms-.90 2 Sewing Kits-.46 2 Hand Sanitizer Packs-.24 2 Nail Polish Remover Packs-.10 2 Sunscreen Packs-.50 2 packs of Tissues-.52 2 Anti-bacterial packs-.18 About $6 per bag so far......Not to bad!
  9. Does anyone have Reyna's direct email? I am getting so frustrated...I have been trying to finalize my wedding date for over a month and a half. They asked me to fill out a bunch of information to finalize it and attach my credit card number....they NEGLECTED to tell me how much the deposit is however.....GRRR! I hope one of you ladies can help!
  10. Hi Ladies! I have been MIA for quite sometime. I'm so sorry to hear about you ladies and all the complications with this SWINE FLU! I have a question: Does anyone have the direct email for Reyna. I have been trying to contact her, FI called and spoke with her the other day and told us to send another email....no luck still....maybe my mail is getting lost in her spam?
  11. DBellie1414- Thank you so much for sending me that link. I am also a member of the Iberostar-Board....but haven't gotten a chance to take a look around. Thank you again for thinking of me!
  12. One last question, I know that some resort have their own Airport Shuttle. Do the Iberostar properties? Am I going to have to pay for airport transfers for each of my guests? How did you/are you ladies handle/ing this? Thank you.
  13. I sent an email on the 15th, through the Iberostar website, trying to request (solidify) my wedding date (So that I can start printing, cutting, decorating my STD's. (I know this is WAY early, but I don't want to be rushed! Well...I haven't heard anything from the WC's? Does anyone have an email address for the WC's at Del Mar? I read a few pages back about a change in staffing (promotion?) Any help would be appreciated, I will post my STD as soon as I actually print them out and cut the first one...FI are off to Michael's tomorrow to look at stamps and other fun things to decorate them with...awww.....I love being engaged....LOL