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    ROR vs. MoBay vs. Ritz-Carlton

    I asked the same question, regarding planes flying at the RMB. I tried to paste the thread below, but if it doesn't work the thread is called "planes flying overhead at the RMB" and I posted it it in the Jamaica sub forum: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...ght=planes+rmb
  2. What a gorgeous wedding! You and your DH looked stunning together. Congrats!
  3. Everything looks so classy! Congratulations...
  4. sunshinegirl

    Catholic ceremony - Jamaica AI Resort

    I've heard that even with the chapel, you cannot have a Catholic ceremony at the resorts in Jamaica (may still be worth checking into though!). Good luck!
  5. sunshinegirl

    RIU Montego Bay Cocktail Bars ?

    Do you have to reserve the Plaza gazebo bar to have an informal gathering of the guests? Or is it more first come first served?
  6. Absolutely stunning! Congratulations!
  7. sunshinegirl

    Floral Fantasies price list (will deliver to ROR)

    Thanks for the price list! Do you know if they ship to the RMB?
  8. sunshinegirl


    My family has also already indicated that the RIU prices may be too expensive, but my fiance and I want to have the wedding at a RIU, given their experience, and the large number of satisfied couples over the years. I don't want to try Holiday Inn Sunspree, or Royal Decameron which are much lower end resorts in Jamaica, however these prices are more within their budget. Once we decide on which RIU in Jamaica, we're going ahead. I want my family there too, but I also want the type of wedding that a RIU would provide. I'll stay tuned to find out what other BDW brides have to say...
  9. I had the same question, so this is great. Thanks!
  10. sunshinegirl

    Best "Teeth Whiteners"?

    I also like Crest whitestrips. Noticeable results.
  11. sunshinegirl

    Not sure where to go!

    Welcome! I have a lot of family in Edmonton and Calgary, and they are put off by having to take a flight to Toronto, in order to leave for Jamaica. This is one reason why I'm having a tough time deciding, because I really want to go to Jamaica. Some people have said that we brides need to do what's best for us, and others have said that we should consider our family more. It's very confusing!
  12. Thanks for the review! You looked beautiful, and I'm glad you were able to enjoy the day. I am leaning towards the RMB, and all of the honest feedback is very helpful.
  13. I'm going on blind faith. It would add an extra $4000 to our budget to travel beforehand for a preview. Reviews, and forums such as this one have been so helpful. It almost makes it more fun to see the resort for the first time with the guests.
  14. sunshinegirl

    Planes Flying Overhead at the RMB

    Thanks everyone! My mom was concerned but I'll let her know that this is not a factor in our resort selection decision.
  15. Did any RMB brides, or guests, have any issues with the planes flying so close form the MB airport? I stayed at the Sonesta Maho in St. Maarten, which is also close the airport, and the planes flying overhead was fun. Any thoughts?