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    Congratulations - Welcome to the forum
  2. kerbear99

    Newbie- Wedding in Italy

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum! Wow St. Peter's Basilica! That's cool.
  3. kerbear99

    Driving force for your decision

    Personally, our decision was based on timing as well, knew it had to be during spring break-up as the FI works for the Oil & Gas industry. Second thing was the itinerary and then availability for the wedding and times that I wanted. Since sailing with Princess and wanting to be married "At Sea".... also being quite picky, had to be the last wedding of the day and the first day at sea. After picking which itinerary and then which ship came down from 2 Itineraries, 2 Ships, 8 Sailing Dates and found the one that worked best for us and that was the final decision of booking our room and then the package. Enjoy picking out your date and itinerary, I had lots of fun picking out ours!
  4. kerbear99

    Big Brother 11

    Hey ladies.... ******STOP!!!! MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW...STOP READING IF YOU DON'T WANT TO HEAR OR KNOW WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON IN THE HOUSE~!!!!!!!************************************* ********** Ok so yesterday after all the drama with Chima "leaving" of course CBS is saying they kicked her out. This means that since she was gone that was Michelle's HOH term so yesterday afternoon they had a new HOH Comp, feeds were down for a couple hours. New HOH is Jordan and was sooo cute last night watching her get her room etc even though couldn't see it all. There was a little more drama, Lydia blaming Jeff for making their lives horrible in the house because he got Jessie voted out... of course this is just a game but Lydia and Nat taking all of the events over the last day and a half very personal. Anyways, continue to watch tonight, don't think it will be a re-run there is lots to say and show tonight, another eviction will be on Thursday I'm sure of it, since it was supposed to be double eviction on Thursday now they just need to do the one eviction. I could tell you that no one has been nominated yet however that will probably be Monday. AGAIN IF THIS SPOILED YOU FROM WATCHING TONIGHT IT SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE SO AS SHOULD BE QUITE THE EXCITING EPISODE IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS!!!
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    Newly Engaged

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
  6. kerbear99

    New from Calgary, Alberta

    Welcome and Congratulations fellow Calgarian! All the luck to you in your planning!
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    I give up!!!!

    Oh Goodness that was the funniest thing I've heard! My sides are sore from laughing so hard.
  8. kerbear99

    2010 Newbie!

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
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    Roll Call: Where my Canadian peeps at?!

    Hi all fellow Canucks, my name is Kerrie. Born & raised in Calgary, still living in Calgary, will be moving to Airdrie in a couple months.
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    Hello to all the destination brides out there!

    Congratulations and welcome!
  11. kerbear99

    April 2010 Brides

    Hi all, I'm getting married on April 18th, so far sent out STD and 20 people have booked so far but so looking forward to getting married At Sea in the Caribbean.
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    Congratulations, Welcome to the forum!
  13. kerbear99

    Hello from the mother of a bride to be.

    Welcome to the site there is lots of great ideas. Congratulations as well to yourself and your daughter!
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    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
  15. kerbear99

    Any other cruise brides out there?

    I'm a Cruise Bride as well, Ceremony and the full day will be at Sea on Princess Western Caribbean.