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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by gabbya Thanks for the advice it is very frustrating I have emailed her on a number of occasions without hearing anything back, (even if they still have me down to get married). I can't imagine how other brides that don't know about how they work feel, I am glad I have read things on here! Can the pictures, cake and dinner all be set up when we get there? The cake and dinner are no problem to be set up when you get there. The pictures I'm not sure about, it will depend if they are booked for the same time slot for another wedding. I would try to contact them ASAP to make sure, the email I have for them is weddings@photoshopjamaica.com
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by gabbya Thank you for the number I think that I will call. As far as booking goes I have not booked the dinner or anything else. I just find this all very frustrating since I along with 14 other will be getting on a plane in less than a week. I know I have heard that things can be very last minute but is this normal? I think a lot of brides make most of the arrangements beforehand, but I wouldn't let that worry you. You can honestly plan the entire thing when you get there, and I think they are very accustomed to doing this. Still, it doesn't help your stress level so close to the wedding! I would try giving her a call, the only thing you may want to check is if you were planning on doing a reception of sorts. As there can be up to 3 weddings a day at ROR, the location you may want to have the reception may already be booked by by another party. If you are flexible about this, then I wouldn't worry too much just go see them as soon as you arrive at the hotel to book a meeting because they can be quite busy. Good luck!
  3. KristieF

    Taxi Driver in Ocho Rios

    I will second the recommendation for Lees Taxis and Tours, we used them for our Cool Runnings Cruise group excursion and for a day trip my husband and I took the day after the wedding to swim with the dolphins. Our driver took us wherever we wanted to go, made stops in the town when we asked, walked around the market with us (which was very welcome because some of the vendors were extremely pushy), waited for us at each location we stopped at, as well as waiting for us to have some breakfast at the resort because we were so exhausted we could barely drag ourselves out of bed! I would highly recommend them, no complaints at all and Norma was such a pleasure to deal with.
  4. KristieF

    ROR Photographer Help

    I just got back from my wedding at ROR last week, but so far I'm also happy with Michael. I haven't received the edited photos yet, but I only had him for 4 hours including the TTD session, and I got a CD with over 1000 low-res photos to choose from. I bought 130, he will post them on a file sharing site once they're edited, and I will print them out here instead of having him ship the prints to me. I would definitely recommend him to other ROR brides!
  5. KristieF

    Please help! Riu Ocho Rios

    I just got married at ROR last week, so I can't say anything about pricing for 2011 but I can tell you that the dinner in the free package will be at the Mammee Bay steakhouse and it isn't private, unless you have more than 50 guests - then you have to have it at Plantation restauant. I think the best deal is to go with the free package and then add on the extras that are most important to you. We actually decided to do a private dinner/reception at Plantation restaurant with the steakhouse menu to have a bit more privacy, and because the steakhouse only offers beer and wine with dinner - no drinks. We paid extra for a bartender and it was totally worth it. The dinner was great as well, the best meal we had the whole week. I thought Michael was a great photographer too, we only paid him for 4 hours total including the TTD session, and I have over 1000 photos to choose from! Please let me know if you have any other specific questions I can answer, this forum was so helpful for me in my planning and I feel it's my duty to do the same for any future brides!
  6. Have you booked your time and location for the ceremony and the reception? If these things are done, you can honestly finalize all of the details when you get there, but that probably won't help your stress level until then! Chandlyn is not that great about responding in a timely manner, but here is the number is have for the ROR wedding coordinators: 1 876 972 2200 ext. 6023. Personally I found Nekeisha (Nikki) way more helpful than Chandlyn, so maybe try asking for her instead? Good luck and let us know what happens!
  7. I think our guests will remember the wedding and ceremony in general, as it was on the beach and no one had ever been to a destination wedding before. But the things we got the most comments on were the excursion we treated our guests to 2 days before the wedding - we went on the Cool Runnings catamaran trip that included a stop at Dunn's River Falls. Everyone told us how much fun they had! The second thing that wowed people was the OOT bags, no one was expecting them and they were totally blown away when we gave them out. The pashminas for the ladies and the disposable underwater cameras were the biggest hits and what people got the most use out of. The cameras especially came in handy when we went to the falls. People even started to tear up a bit when they read the welcome letter! It was terrible bringing all the stuff with me for the OOT bags but totally worth it when we saw everyone's reactions.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Meyer2010 I'm really emotional and I want to pick a song I won't bawl my eyes out to. I'm thinking "My Girl" by The Temptations. Upbeat, not too fast but a really cool song. What do you think? I'm thinking of using this same song for exactly the same reasons. Plus I like it
  9. A big thank you to everyone for sharing their ceremony scripts, they are all so touching and beautiful. But now I have to explain why I'm all teary-eyed at work! LOL this forum is going to get me fired one day
  10. KristieF

    Who knew it would be this stressful?

    I swear the stories I read in this forum never cease to amaze me. Who do people think they are? It's your WEDDING and I guess to some people that doesn't hold a lot of meaning, it's still all about them all the time. I'm sorry you have to deal with this! You are definitely not in the wrong in any way, but I would not be helping your FI's brother or friend anyway or anyhow! Maybe your FI should speak to his brother about the friend and explain you would rather he not be there?
  11. KristieF

    Feeling a little down/pissed

    So sorry you are going through this! I agree with the other ladies, talk to her and express how upset you are that she isn't coming. If you're anything like me, if you don't let her know it will eat you up inside and this could end up being something that ruins your relationship with her. But whether she ends up going or not I know you and your hubby will have an amazing trip, and she will regret not going when everyone is sharing the stories of all the fun they had at your wedding!
  12. Thanks for your awesome review - you were such a gorgeous bride! I'm also having my dinner/reception at Plantation so I really appreciated seeing those pics of how the tables were set up and decorated. Sounds like you had an amazing time, congratulations on being a Mrs.
  13. KristieF

    Makeup Primer?

    So glad I saw this thread, I've tried the Smashbox Photo Finish and Photo Finish Light so far. I thought they were OK, but wasn't sure they were really worth the money I spent on them. Based on these reviews I might try the Nars or Laura Mercier ones, or the girl I asked at Sephora actually recommended a Shiseido product. It's called Anti-shine and it's actually made for men. I think I will try getting some samples of all these before I commit! Thanks for the suggestions ladies
  14. KristieF

    Jamaica wedding blues

    Well everyone else has already said the same thing I will - we've all been there! I know that doesn't make it any better for you, but maybe misery loves company I really wonder about people though, don't they realize how rude it is to make comments about the location you've chosen? I just had to share the best comment I received about my DW, I asked FI to contact one of his best friends to find out if he would be attending our DW in November. He calls me to back to say "he said November doesn't work that well for him, April would be better". Umm... WTF I bit my tongue because I knew regardless of when the wedding would be, this guy wouldn't be coming. Sure enough, he said money was the issue and then we find out through Facebook that he has booked a trip across the country to go to the wedding of one of his girlfriend's friends. I would have been so mad if I had changed my wedding plans to suit people and they still didn't end up coming - this was a perfect example of why I didn't listen to anyone! As others have said, all we can do is be happy about the people who are coming, and although maybe it's not ideal the less people there are, the more time we'll have to spend with them!
  15. KristieF

    Roll Call: Where my Canadian peeps at?!

    Hi everyone, I'm Kristie! I was born in Montreal and lived there most my life, spent a few years in Toronto, and FI and I have been living in Calgary for two years now