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  1. Thank you for posting these invitations. We had a meeting with a local invitation store and my heart was broken when she told us the price of our invitations that we picked out. I was in a panic because we needed invitations soon. I of course searched this website and once I saw your post for this invites I went to the website. They are reasonably priced and they come precut and all you have to do is print them. Thanks again! I will have to post a pic once I have them printed and assembled.
  2. I say it is your day and you should wear whatever you want! It's a beautiful dress. So what if it isn't white. You will look beautiful.
  3. Those are great shoes! Love the color!
  4. Thank you for the suggestions!
  5. I need some help. I need to find some cute jewelry for my bridesmaids. Their dresses are from Davids Bridal, strapless and the color is watermelon, which is like a fushia pink. Their shoes are nude color. I have no idea what to get. I really don't want to do the starfish idea. Really would like to find something they could wear again with some else besides the dress. One can wear earrings and the other can not, so I really can't do a set. Any suggestions?
  6. npaterson

    Hi Everbody!

    Tiffany, you are getting married on my birthday! Congrats and welcome!
  7. npaterson

    Nail Strengtheners?

    I've tried various nail strengtheners and with every one of them the polish is peeling off the next day. I've been taking prenatals and that has helped some what, but they are not where I would like my nails to be. Guess I will have to research MSM. Thanks for the advise Ayita.
  8. npaterson

    Should I send Invitations?

    I wouldn't send out any invites. You said a majority of your guests already booked their trip. If anything, I look into just sending out an announcement. You could even do something yourself to save even more money.
  9. npaterson

    FINALLY picked a resort!!

    Congrats on picking your resort! I know exactly how you feel. It is a great feeling once you finally choose one after all those months of looking!!
  10. npaterson

    And another newbie! :)

    Congrats and welcome!
  11. npaterson

    New new newbie!

    Congrats and welcome!