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  1. So I got my marriage cert in the mail on Monday so it tokk just under 5 months - not too bad. Unfortunately I need to get it translated to change my name with some places! So disappointing as I know most provinces accept Spanish mine doesnt!!
  2. K'osh - your pics are lovely!! Congrats!
  3. our dj never showed up for our beach bbq - so maybe confirm with Yaly when you meet her...
  4. We gave Yaly one of our custom beach towels (that we gave to all our guests) and she just loved it! She gave me a huge hug! We also gave the hairdresser a nice box of chocolates we brought from home. She was so excited and let us know how much her husband and children loved them!
  5. It is probably better to buy extra to be safe and if you don't open them you can return them at Labelles GOOD LUCK!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Crystalballl Anyone have the name/brand of a specific converter that worked at the resort? I'd like to run out soon and grab atleast one to have and bring!!! We purchased ours at Blacks Photography and it worked just fine. It is white. Think it was around $40.00
  7. Hi Ladies I am back and everything was AMAZING!! You are all in for a treat!! The wedding was perfect! I am not great with putting my thoughts and emotions into words but it was so wonderful and way way beyond my expectations!! The resort is wonderful the staff are the friendliest people I have ever met!! I am really speechless with what to say about it so please don't be shy to ask me any questions you may have. We are still waiting for our professional photographs but I will definately share with you all!!! I highly reccomend the video for the extra $150!!
  8. well fellow pp brides I am off - flight leaves in less than 12 hours!! Thanks for all your support & ideas!!
  9. wheewwwwww thanks for clearing that up - we leave in 8 days and would never be able to round up FI's birth cert!!
  10. This is the first time that I have read anywhere that you need your birth certificates. Our wc at Playa Pesquero advised us all we need in our valid passports. ?
  11. One more question - is there an unlimited supply of bottled water while there? Thanks ladies
  12. There are also multiple companies within Winnipeg that come to your house daily to check your house, feed your pets etc. Google pet sitting winnipeg and you will find lots of hits - good luck!
  13. Thanks for the responses ladies. I will have to go get a convertor or 2!! Any other last minute suggestions?
  14. Hi PP Brides Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I have a question for the Canadian gals – I recall reading previously that appliances didn’t work in your rooms when you were there but my question is - Did you bring along a power convertor and they still didn’t work? I have been doing my research and Cuba uses 220V and Canadian appliances are all 110V. Please let me know. We leave in 2 weeks!
  15. Hey ladies - so today is officially the 6 week mark until we leave!! To do still: Find a sexy pair of panties to wear - any suggestions?? at least 2 more dress fittings fill out paperwork for resort FI and best men's attire music Best Man gift find hair inspiration pictures find someone to house sit In the last few weeks I got LOTS done!! Ordered my garter, hair vine and jewellery all off Etsy got BM gifts (pandora bracelets) finished OOT bags went for 1st fitting it seems to all be coming together. My to do list that is left is mostly FI's to do list!! Happy weekend!!
  16. How much you make deifnatley depends on how may people you have and of course couples that have a lot of financial support definatley do better. I have known people that did not have to pay for anything for their social so of course they are making more.... Some people only have a few hundred guests and other people have 700 hundred people. 700 people is $7000 in just ticket sales!!!
  17. Thanks ladies I booked a welcome dinner with Yaly and we have 24 people going. This has just been done through e-mail...... so I am not too sure about the more than 20 people rule hmmm.
  18. Does anyone know how many reservations at the a la carte restaurants you are allowed per week?
  19. I wish I could offer calming words but I am equally freaked out at the moment - I need some serious motivation!!
  20. I am assuming if topless women on beaches shocks any of you you probably have not done that much travelling. I have been all over Europe, Australia and even South Africa and it is completely normal. Probably the topless ladies were from different countries where this is acceptable. All part of the fun of travelling - seeing how different cultures live!
  21. Here is what we did: First dance at 10:00 Food out at 11:00 Silent Auction and texas mikey at 12:15 - you want to do the silent auction as late as possible because lots of people leave as soon as it is over. Any other questions just ask! Good Luck
  22. everything looks great! LOVE the cake topper!! Have a fab time
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