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    Wedding Leftovers for Sale!!!!

    Start your own post to sell your stuff!
  2. Tanya Marie

    Wedding Leftovers for Sale!!!!

    i ordered them from cardsandpockets.com
  3. Tanya Marie

    Wedding Leftovers for Sale!!!!

    hi!! yes i do, but its been so long, im.not sure what. please send me an email and tell me what you are looking for? tanya_armenti@yahoo.com
  4. Tanya Marie

    Wedding Leftovers for Sale!!!!

    Everything in post 37 available...please send me an email to tanya_armenti@yahoo.com
  5. I am sure that I posted pictures already some where in either this post or 2009-2010 playacar palace brides, but here is a picture of the terrace
  6. If you are going through the hotel for your group booking, I think that you have to pay everything up front and then they reimburse you. i went through an agent and had unlimited private events and did not pay anything out of pocket
  7. If I am not mistaking, anything over 35 you need to hold a private event. (But don't quote me on that) They definately will not let you go past 10 or 1030 outside. You have to move it to the ball room...did you try all of these contacts? Ph: 1-877-PAL-4-WED email: weddings@palaceresorts.com I am not sure that all of the policies/pricing is the same, keeping in mind I got married a year ago, and at the time Wyndham was taking over, so I am not sure what has changed and how much the prices have gone up,but the below info was what was sent to me back in Sept of 2009, which was my 1st visit there. ( 1 Year before my wedding) From 10 to 20 $ 400 usd *From 21 to 30 $600 usd *From 31 to 40 $ 800 usd *From 41 to 50 $1000 usd Above prices are for 1 hour of cocktail reception ,including open bar and hors dóeuvres . Private wedding function *$400 usd per table of 10 guests *Includes estándar décor (white tablecloth and napkins) *Event includes function space , menu , 2 hours of open bar services *Buffet and platted dinner services require a minimum of 20 guests *Platted dinner is offered in indoor areas only *Additional hour of staff service is $60 usd per table Non Palace guest require a day pass $88.00 usd Note : Non-Palace Resort wedding guests are required to purchase a wedding pass. Palace Resorts reserves the right to limit the number od fay passes sold once the property has reached its maximum capacity .
  8. Hey Tabby! I am great! Getting ready to pop w baby #2!!! I love that I can help you guys out, bc like I have said before there was little to ZERO info out here when I got married. I didn't have the cocktail hour in the Cielo bar, I had it on the Cielo Terrace. While they don't stop people from walking through, the entire area is set up for the function which is a big space, so if there were people walking through from the pool to the bar it wasnt a big deal, it is very spacious so most of my guests were either at the cocktail table they had set up or on the couches. Here is a pic of Cielo Terrace, the steps behind my sister are the steps coming up from the pool...but if you look to the left that is all couches and they set up smal tables and chairs, to the right is the exact same thing, and they buffett is set in the middle and the bar to the right...Also there are 2 other entrances/exits, so it is not the only means of passing thorough. Hope that helps!
  9. Hi Ladies! TRW6- I had my welcome dinner in the North Solarium...so all the pictures that you see of everyone wearing white (with the exception of myself, husband and ids) is in the North Solarium...as far as the weather, I cant help bc I got married in October, but I was there for a site visit the July before and it was pretty hot during the day. Please feel free to ask questions! Tanya
  10. No Problem! Please excuse the typos, I was rushing!
  11. Don't get discouraged. Your wedding is more than a year away, and to them it is very far out form now. They don't even assign you a coordinator until 30 days prior. The PP is AMAZING as is all of the weddings dept staff. I have all of the same fears that you had, this far out, I was fortunate to make quite a few visits that eased my worries, but just a bit. It wasnt until I arrive 2 weeks before my wedding that my mind was put a ease! They are going to be sure that your day is seamless! As far as info like the open bar, use other resources for budgeting purposes IE: the girls that have been married most recently there or even in the forum, most of us posted the vitial info that others werent getting. Scan through both this thread and PP 2010-2011 brides...you will get all the info you need. Dont get discouraged bc they arent answering an email...planning a destination wedding from afar is not wasy i will give you that but dont let your dreams be shot down. If after you look through the whole thread you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me!! ~Tanya
  12. Yes, we did take pictures after the ceremony. I had a cocktail hour, some guests stayed and watched us take pics and some went to the cocktail hour. As far as I know, they only have round tables. To be honest, I have no idea what size the runners were, I bought them on ebay and didnt care what size LOL..Yes the guest book, was right at the entrance of the North Solarium,.