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  1. So, my fiance had a man who picked us up at the airport from PVRPV go into locotown to pick one up??-I'm not really sure where that is, but the man said it was 20 minutes away from old town. It was really nice, with a big screen for $200. My FI chose it online with the man, so we didn't have to travel with him,he just dropped it off at our condo. We had to bring CDs from the US, because they are in Spanish obviously because we were in Mexico. The man's name was Ceasar from PVRPV. He called us the entire time to run errands for us. It was a huge hit. Since some of our guests were at the villa for 5 days. We ended up leaving it with our wedding coordinators. Hopefully they can use it:)
  2. Dino--Can't wait to meet you, also some of us have been coming to PV for years so if you need tips on things to do in the area, we can tell you. Hope you can join in on some of the festivities with us. Thanks. Can't wait for some gorgeous pics. The last ones you put up were amazing...
  3. Thanks so much. Mishka thank you so much for the link and also the idea for the i-live Karaoke machine. That is great. I have only a few days to figure it out. Thanks.
  4. This is so tough. Yes, I agree that it is irritating that he hasn't even made the initiative to get his passport, and that he let you pay this much without a "plan" for how he could get the rest. I paid for one of my bridesmaid's entire trip, dress, etc., because I really wanted her there. As much as she wants to go, it was just wasn't working for her financially. So I think you should think about your FI, and how important it is for him to have that "one" person there coming for him. Guys like to say they don't care about stuff, but it is probably really important he come.
  5. I like number one. the sweatheart neckline really flatters you.
  6. I wanted to buy a Karaoke machine while I am in PV, for my guests for the week. I know many of the Villas have them, but mine doesn't. Does anyone know if the Walmarts down there carry them as a usual thing or where I could get one. Thanks.
  7. Restaurant Trio is catering my wedding. It is an excellent restaurant also. I am pretty sure they are opened at that time. Also Cafe De Artistes is always so romantic. If you want something a little cheaper go to La Palapa, River Cafe, or a new restaurant called Amapas Sunset. That is where we are doing our rehearsal dinner. We go to PV every year. Good Luck!!!
  8. Mayan Bride 78, What is the sale that Dino is running right now? I have him for my wedding at the end of the month and don't want to miss out on anything. thanks. farrah
  9. We just did ours at city hall in San Francisco. SF's city hall was gorgeous, so it was really nice. Then just a couple family members and friends went out to dinner.
  10. Yes, I wanted the white finger starfish. My planners said it would be easier to find them in the states, to get exactly what you like. They are pretty expensive, I think the big ones were like 3.99 per starfish. So I found smaller ones on e-bay and ordered them. It would be great if you find them in Mexico, but you may not want that stress when you get there. Good luck.
  11. Yes, you can find them at Sally Beauty for about $100. However, I realized the hair was pretty straight and if you were in humidity the curl would fall out. Then I found some with a body wave from Pro-extensions and they are gorgeous. I almost bought the Jessica Simpson clip in, but it is 4-500 dollars and I was reading some pretty bad reviews on them. Good Luck!
  12. Beautiful...it is such a relief to finally find your dress:)
  13. Yes, I'm going with a basic package for 600 usd from my planners. However, my villa quoted my twice that price and the most expensive package was much more. The middle package was $850.
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