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  1. Thanks ladies.. jbrodhead I got the chairs and some extra decor through Rafaelle Pata of Mayan Hospitatlity he works with Yamina a lot, but I think if you just want the chairs she can get them for you. They can have every color I saw a wedding the day before ours with gold chairs... I also saw a wedding with the white plastic ones...they dont look bad as long as everything else is decorated.
  2. Hey Ladies, Lee and I are back from the most wonderful experience of our lives!!! I'll post more later....but rest assured everything will be perfect even if it rains..as it did on our wedding day!!! Juan has posted photos of almost our entire event on his blog.. Juan Navarros Blog Blog
  3. Cathleen thanks so much for the review!! We are headed out tomorrow to get hitched I'm so excited/wired I'm online at 11pm .. You look so pretty in your pictures I'm using Juan as well glad they came out good. BTW we go to Temecula all the time for wine tasting..love it up there!
  4. Ladies, I get married in 14 days and i hadn't even thought about a program until i stumbled across this thread..all of the ideas look really nice but i'm going to pass. I still need to get spanks and create a welcome letter for my oot bags. I think i will add the ceremony info in the welcome letter like skadow..best of wedding luck to everyone!!!
  5. Ok ladies...i've fully committed to the lace front..after reading this i am now scared its going to slide back. My only saving grace is my girl who is the wholesaler is coming with me and bringing the tools..she has assured me everything will be fine and if you have the proper glue etc sweating dosent matter..we shall see..my d day is 17days away I'll have a full report...
  6. Well ladies 18 days until my ceremony and I am sooo excited! Things I've done: Picked my cake and flowers. I also emailed Yamina picutres of table centerpeices from the knot that I would prefer and the cost to upgrade isisnt that much...I'm going to do it. I booked our lovebirds spa treatment that comes with our package they only do them at 9am fyi...I also booked my hair and makeup, and they sent pics of recent hairstyles...they all look nice. Still to do: Pick father daugher dance song. Finish OOT bags. Figure out rehearsal and dinner or lunch...who knows. Is anyone doing a program for your ceremoy? Any ideas? I think that is it..my head is spinning...but i'm happy!!!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Snickers I just saw Katrese's TTD wedding photos on Juan Navarro's site. Just beautiful!!!!! snickers thanks for sharing..her pics are awesome!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by ButterflyR12 Thope - Where did you get your actual OOT bags from? Rebecca TARGET...my bags are just gift bags I'm only putting small items in them. So far I have mini sun block, advil, pepto, bug spray(if I can find it), cd of our fav love songs. Whats every one else doing for bags..aside from beach towels..I dont want to pack them.
  9. Thanks Ladies for the dress code info! I am booking DJ Mannia and will let you know the total cost soon..the dance floor is not included but lighting is. Also I'm waiting to hear back on photo packages from Juan to compare with C R. ~Have you all done your OOT bags yet..I'm a little behind and only have the actual bags and advil..so nervous I wont get everything done..
  10. Hey site visitors and past brides...what was the dress code like for dinner? From what I have read on the website..looks like men have to wear slacks, is that true..I want to prepare my guest...THANKS
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by s_katrese Ladies I have now seen Juan Navarro's photos and they look great...was he the original photographer for EPM. I really don't feel like rereading older posts. I now have a new photographer for my wedding Dean Sanderson, long story about my original photographer. However if I didn't have Dean I would use Juan he seems to have a great style. Katrese, no Juan was not the original photgrapher...orig guy was very portrait 80's style which is why I think most people decided to bring someone from off site...I'm still deciding if I should cancel Citialli Rico..It would save me over $2000.00 even if I loose my deposit..UGH!!!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by scrose Hi everyone, I am new to this website as well! I am working on getting my date coordinated with Yamina, but it should be mid-October! The photographer that she referred me to as the on-site photog is Juan Navarro - does anyone have any experience with him or know anything about bringing in outside photogs? I am really concerned about having quality pictures since there will only be a few guests there. (and am a designer so am very visual!). Thanks!! Hey SCROSE..I dont have experience with Jose but his pics look great from the website I actually hired Citalli Rico with Claudia Rodriguez photog and am considering canceling..his pics look comperable.. ps I grew up in OKC..
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by karana What number do you use to talk to Yamina, and did you use a calling card? Karana I just email her...it takes between 24 and 48 hrs to get a response so I try to compile a few questions at a time.. weddings.xpm@excellence-resorts.com
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by s_katrese Thanks for the review Rebecca, we want to see pictures whenever you get the link up. Is anyone else leaving for Mexico before me or am I next Your next girl...i'm so excited for you!! What do you have left to do? I still have to gather things for my oot bags..and then figure out how to get it all there...i think i'm next after you in May
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