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  1. Thanks, I will look for the resort email and call them if necessary. I was worried they may have lost the documentation during the hurricane they had after my wedding and I want to confirm they haven't forgotten us! The email error is a "Deliver Status Notification (failure)" which says that the Domain name is not found. I hope you're right and that they are just taking extra-long. Thanks!
  2. Hello everybody! I was married Dec 4 2009 at Playa Pesquero and it was the most fantastic week! Just amazing. Everyone loved it and there were no issues. Ceremony was great except for the tourists talking to my (somewhat annoyed) mother while I was saying my wedding vows. However, I still haven't gotten my wedding certificate from them yet. I tried emailing Yaly at dpto1.rrpp@ppesquero.tur.cu but that email doesn't seem to work. Anyone have updated contact information? I'm also worried that maybe I was supposed to do something after my wedding to get the paperwork? Anyone married there recall if they had to go pick something up, or sign something? I'm a little bit concerned but not panicking. The government was asking for proof of marriage for our Ontario Tax Transition money or something so I thought I really should get on top of this. Thanks all
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  4. I can't remember who mentioned sharing a photographer but it sounds like a great idea! Anyone getting married around Dec 3rd 2009? I still haven't set up a photographer yet but have found some I'm interested in.
  5. Hey MeganMarie!! Congrats on setting your wedding date! I will be getting married Dec 3rd 2009 at pp! You will just miss me! If it makes you feel better. I just sent out my invitations last week. I was getting stressed out about getting my invitations out quick enough so people could save money and get time off. Because I am completely ignorant of anything to do with weddings, I didn't know it takes typically 3-6 week wait for invitations. So after I had my meltdown (because getting the invites I wanted would take too long) I had a friend design a card and then went to a professional printer who printed them out on card paper. Took less than a week. I picked up the envelopes and addressed them by hand on while waiting for the invites to be finished. They aren't exactly the quality I wanted and if I was huge on etiquette/classiness I wouldn't have gone that way. But they are decent and done! Lori
  6. Welcome! I'm a Newbie too. This forum has lots of great info. I'm sure you'll find it useful
  7. K'osh I would love to get that forward. Thanks! I will PM you. And thanks everyone for your responses. It's very helpful. I didn't realize a symbolic ceremony would be so much cheaper. Lori
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by K'osh Lori: I just recently got wedding information from Yaly...I can e-mail it to you if you like. If you do try to e-mail Yaly it usually takes a week for her to respond. K'osh I would love to get that forward. Thanks! My email is l_toxopeus@hotmail.com And thanks everyone for your responses. It's very helpful. Lori
  9. Fantastic! Julie, your comments are giving me more confidence and I will likely book this resort. I'm only hesitating to find out some details from Yaly about the wedding. The english part of their website is not working so I feel like I'd be booking blind. As I know she's busy perhaps someone here can answer a couple of questions? For the wedding do you know if they charge a per person fee (I want to do the beach BBQ)? Do they charge for outside vendors to come in? I'm planning on having one of my close friends take pictures but she is a professional photographer. And I haven't been to Cuba yet so I really appreciate the information about the food. That's one of the reasons we chose Cuba: neither myself or my fiance have been there and I think it'll make it more special. Lori
  10. Hi, I hope I'm not intruding on a thread but I am seriously considering getting married at Hotel Playa Pesquero. I've heard some very mixed reviews. Some of them are just FANTASTIC reviews and then others aren't so good. Some people are saying that it isn't at all a 5 star resort and that it's gone downhill. I guess the ones that concerns me most is that people are saying the pools are very dirty and that the food isn't that great. Any comments? I don't mean to scare anyone who's already booked here or rain on anyone's parade. I just would like some honest opinions. Thanks Lori
  11. Wow! Thanks everyone for the welcome!
  12. Well, I hope I'm doing this right! I just wanted to put up a new post but I couldn't figure out how to do that so I'm making a new thread. Not sure if that's what I should be doing. I'm Lori and I'll be getting married in the fall somewhere in the carribean. I think we are going to settle on Cuba the end of November. And that's it about me Lori
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