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  1. Wow! Thx Jesse for the review. All of the information is truly appreciated. The pics are really helping my fiance and I make a decision. The grounds of the hotel look beautiful. I didn't get the email with the old prices, but today, I finally got a response from Marianna Vilchez, the WC with the costs, costs for extras, pics, etc. I have a couple of more Qs for her so I am going to email her in the morning. I've been reading TripAdvisor reviews and was getting a bit worried when the emails I sent were bounced back to me. The prices aren't terrible. LR Friendly---Thx and feel Better! BTW-the email you posted is the email address for Mariana, as she responded to me via tht address. Jesse, it is ppl like you that make BDW.com an invaluable resource!
  2. Jessy Thanks for keeping my hopes up. I will b calling DR tomorrow in an attempt to reach someone. Jessy since you are my only resource rt now, please answer these Qs if you can: 1) I tried to dwnload the Word Docs detailing the Wedding packages offered at NH, but I could not open them; thus, can you pls post them? It matters not that the prices may be outdated bc at least I'll have something to gage from; 2) How do the rooms/suites look? Spacious? modern? clean? working air conditioning? Double sinks? Closet space? No major bug issues(I know its the Caribbean) 3) Can you please post pics of the suite if you took any?*** 4) Was your reception Private or semi private? 5) Top shelf liquor offered at hotel? At your reception, were drinks served?
  3. Hey Jessy, Thx for responding. I sent an email to all three email addresses, but to no avail....this doesnt bode well...
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by lrfriendly I too am at the beginning stages of a wedding at the NH Real. I have a wedding date of Thursday November 5, 2009!! WHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LRfriendly- Soo sorry, but this is my 3rd post tonight... Im really desparate for info. I noticed your prior postings re: NH Real, and since your wedding is so close, I figure you have a plethera of info. Did the WC at NH Real email you price lists, pics of location for ceremony, DJ info, whether sit down dinner is included? I have been trying to reach WC but email bounced back. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello, I went on the NH Real website to obtain the wedding coordinator's email address, but the email keeps getting bounced back as "undeliverable". Can anyone please forward to me the email address of the WC at the NH Real?
  6. Just wanted to let the frustrated 2010 DW brides know that I am in the same boat. The FI and I are still trying to figure out if we're going w/ a DW, and if so if it'll be in Dominican Republic or Mexico. THis whole process is tiring! Good luck to everyone!
  7. Tylersgirl--the BD pics look fab! Yur Fi is going to go bananas! BTW- Thx everyone for the Congrats and positive vibes!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KLaBate54 If I remember correctly, I have read that another option is to have a semi-private reception and then move your party to the disco at the Riu Palace Mexico to play any music. Sounds easy enough, but I don't know how far apart they are from each other (maybe MsBettyB knows) and I also don't know if there is an extra charge for this. Even if there is an extra charge though, it might not be as much as paying for a private reception. Riu Palace Mexico is about an 8 minute walk from the RPRM. While I was there, I didn't visit the Disco though.
  9. Thx all! After coming back from Riviera Maya and staying at the Riu Palace, I can say I wasn't in fear for my life at all. The FI and I even went into town (it was only a $5 cab ride/8 mins away!) Go for it!
  10. Hello All! I want to apologize for leaving you all hanging. This Tuesday, I found out that I passed the NYS bar Exam!! My family, friends, and I are so excited and relieved! Nonetheless, we've been celebrating non-stop. Now its back to reality: 1. job hunting; and 2. wedding planning. PICS Here is a link for the pics that I took during my site visit. Mexico 2009-Riu Palace RM site visit pictures by msbettybern - Photobucket Just my and your luck, The FI and I actually got the chance to see an actual wedding take place at the Gazebo. I took pics. We then went to Chilli's restaurant for supper and noticed that the upstairs of Chill's was being set up for an 18 person wedding reception. I took several pics of the set up for y'all. The idea of having an outdoor reception is great and the fact that it is secluded from the rest of the guests at the hotel is perfect. I also got the chance to see an actual semi-private wedding reception at Botofogo's. I have pics of Botofogo's Restaurant, but not of the actual reception (didn't want to be too intrusive). The set up was to the far left of the restaurant, along the wall. Has anyone ever been to dinner at a restaurant w/ several family and friends? Well, that is what a semi-private wedding reception at Botofogo's is like. Even though there are other hotel guests dining while your wedding reception is taking place, the fact that you're guests are facing one another and the set-up is towards the rear of the restaurant, along the wall, keeps it kind of intimate. For me, my idea of a wedding reception is a sit down dinner, music and dancing. But, seeing an actual semi-private reception at Botofogo's---It wasn't terrible at all. The WC stated that if your reception is semi-private at Botofogo's--music and dancing is not permitted. A private reception would be perfect, but FYI--to have a private reception at Botofogo's you must have a minimum of 40 guests attending and it costs an additional $600. Cocktail Hour As you guys may recall, I was totally opposed to having a cocktail hour in the hotel lobby b/c I thought that it wouldn't be intimate enough and that hotel guests would be all up in my business. When the WC showed me where the cocktail hr would take place, I reversed course and was totally on board. It takes place towards the rear of the lobby, not too far from the bar, and it just looks nice. This area is actually the location where you must go between the hours of 12pm-3pm to make reservations for the specialty restaurants. As for how the cocktail hour food tastes, I can't tell ya. I read somewhere that it wasn't all that. But, its a nice touch if you have a gap betw the ceremony and reception---so go for it! Flowers WC said that they can replicate your preferred floral arrangements, the only concern is if the particular flowers are in season. She stated to just email her a pic of the arrangement. Other than that you should fine. Chapel Not sure if I said this b4--chapel is located at the Riu Palace Mexico. The architecture and decor of the chapel looks great---reminds me of a Roman Catholic Church. However, its small and probably fit only for a party of 15-20 guest. Gazebo Ceremony at the Gazebo is the way to go. Just loved it. The ceremony that we saw took place at 3pm. It was hot as heck!! The guests were burning up in the sun. I noticed one of the guests holding a parasol over an older lady and I thought that it would be nice to provide all of my guests with sun coverage. Wedding Cake WC said that they can replicate my preferred cake, just email her a pic. If the pastry chef cannot replicate it, they do work with a local bakery called "Pasteleteria" If there are any other questions ask me! Review of Hotel----On its way--this post would be too long if I added it
  11. So so sorry to hear that. I hope and pray that ya'll can come up w/ a great back up plan.
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