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    Dessy 6556P

    Unfortunately due to my Dad being diagnosed with Cancer I'm now bringing my wedding forward to November and getting married at home in Scotland since he'll be unable to make it to Cuba. I've got 3 of these dresses for sale since I can't bear for the girls to be wearing them and also because they aren't exactly suitable for a Winter wedding in Scotland. If anyone is interested in the dresses then please get in contact.
  2. I was planning on having an orange and fushia theme since my wedding was going to be in Cuba this December. Unfortunately my Dad's been diagnosed with Cancer and won't make it to Cuba so therefore have changed plan and now having wedding at home in December. Due to this I've changed my theme to just burnt orange. My bridesmaid dresses were Dessy 6556P in orange and fushia but obviously they don't exactly suit a winter wedding in Scotland I've therefore bought new dresses in Burnt orange and have my old dresses for sale. I'm due to pick them up on Saturday. They are brand new, just delivered to the shop and never been worn. If anyone is interested in them then please contact me. I'm more than happy to post.
  3. As the title suggests I've got 3 Dessy 6556P dresses for sale. They are UK size 10, 12 + 14. The dresses have only just been delivered to the shop and none of them have been altered or worn. I fell in love with these dresses after seeing someone elses wedding photo's. They were perfect for me. My wedding was due to be held in Cuba in December so it was love at first sight. Unfortunately my Dad is now very ill and unable to travel to Cuba so I will be getting married in Scotland in November. These dresses remind me of what I should have had so I have now bought new dresses. I am due to pick the dresses up on Saturday the 14th so I can post them after that. I have paid £180 for each of the dresses so I would love to recoup as much of that as possible, especially considering that they haven't been worn or altered in anyway. If anyone is interested then please let me know. I live in Falkirk, Scotland but I'm willing to post. My e-mail address is hollymelrose1@hotmail.com.
  4. Fantastic review - makes me feel so excited about getting married there. Congrats on becoming a Mrs - you really did look stunning. Your video made me cry.
  5. Lisa1981

    ***Iberostar Laguna Azul Brides***

    Can't wait to here all about your wedding and see some pics too hopefully. Congrats on becoming a Mrs.
  6. Lisa1981

    ***Iberostar Laguna Azul Brides***

    I would love to see them too please? hollymelrose1@hotmail.com
  7. Lisa1981

    Dessy 6556P

    Thanks guys, I'm soooo glad I got them in the end.
  8. Had seen this dress and fell in love with it months ago but read that it was discontinued. Was disappointed because I loved it so much and it was perfect because my theme is Orange and Pink. Anyway, we went BM dress shopping 2 weeks ago. We were struggling to agree on a dress that we all liked (myself and 3 BM) Was becoming a bit disheartened with it all and we were close to calling it a day but had one more shop to go to. Unbeleivably the Dessy 6556P was in the shop. It was a different colour but I was so sure it was discontinued. It was a Saturday to the girl in the shop wasn't able to check but she said that she would call first thing on the Monday and then get back to me. Luckily she phoned first thing last Monday morning saying that the dress was available again We went on Saturday and ordered the dress, I'm soooooo chuffed. Even more so because the shop I ordered from had a special offer on for Saturday - a free pair of shoes which each BM dress ordered!!! I definitely lucked out. After Six Bridesmaid Style 6556P: The Dessy Group
  9. So excited that I've became a Maggie Bride. Bought my dress yesterday and its perfect. Its Charley - Charley - by Maggie Sottero Will be wearing it strapless.
  10. Lisa1981

    ***Iberostar Laguna Azul Brides***

    Jen - after looking at your photo's I think I actually prefer the look of the terrace as opposed to the photo's I've seen of people getting married on the beach. I'm glad you posted the pics so thanks very much. Trying not to worry about the reviews - new hotels normally take a year to bed in so fingers crossed by the time I go in December some of the problems will be resolved.
  11. Lisa1981

    ***Iberostar Laguna Azul Brides***

    Quote: Originally Posted by AliciaM Hi everyone, Im new to this. Getting married at the Iberostar Laguna Azul on Dec 02, 2010. Can't wait Hey Alicia, congrats on setting your date. I bet it comes around really fast now. I'm getting married on the 9th of December at ILA but we arrive on the 1st so we'll be there are the same time
  12. Lisa1981

    Is Your Wedding Trip Also Your Honeymoon?

    We're spending two weeks with our family and friend in Varadero, Cuba and we'll be getting married during the second week, then we're moving on to Havana for a weeks Honeymoon. Can't wait.
  13. Lisa1981

    ***Iberostar Laguna Azul Brides***

    Oh I'd love to see them too. My e-mail address is hollymelrose1@hotmail.com