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  1. If you stay right in Playa del Carmen there are plenty of non-inclusive hotels, though I think most are fairly small, I don't know how many guests you'll have. The cost can be quite reasonable, you can find good rooms between 100 and 200 per night, and that is per room rather than per person. There are many restaurants that you can walk around to, and I remember the prices being pretty reasonable (I was there in 2005). Some of them were really tasty, and had great ambience. Look on Trip Advisor to find good hotels. I enjoyed Playa, and it's not at all intimidating, even people who haven't traveled internationally much should feel quite comfortable. The main tourist area is totally walkable, no cab required, and several streets are pedestrian only. I don't think you'd want a non-inclusive resort outside of town, it wouldn't be useful if there was nowhere nearby to eat.
  2. Sarafish, that cake is lovely! You must have had a great shower.
  3. Everything looks so great! I can't wait to hear how it all goes.
  4. EmeraldPalms

    Good inexpensive sparkling wine / champagne?

    Thanks for the recs! I have favorite low cost wines, but haven't been able to find a sparkling wine that suits me.
  5. EmeraldPalms

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    Thanks Sparkles for posting and sharing the pics! It looks like things are really coming along well at MDC! I'm sorry you won't be able to have your wedding there, but it's great you can enjoy the resort after!
  6. Does anybody have a rec for an inexpensive sparkling wine that tastes good? Preferably neither very sweet nor very dry. Thanks!
  7. EmeraldPalms

    Negril- budget wedding on the Cliffs?

    Hi Michelle! I'd love to hear more about your wedding planning. I am really leaning towards Negril, and Negril Escape is an option that might meet our needs. I've never been to Jamaica before but my sweetheart and I plan to go to Negril in August. I'm so excited! Are you finding the local planner to be useful? I don't know if I'll need one or not. Have you picked a location for the groom's dinner? When is your wedding date? Looking forward to hearing more about your planning!
  8. EmeraldPalms

    Why AI or non-AI?

    Thanks for your input ladies! I am so excited to begin the planning process. I trying to be sure to keep an open mind going into this so I can plan something that will be great for everyone! I am thinking of Negril in Jamaica which offers a ton of different options, from Sandals and Riu to a little bitty botique resorts. I'm sure something will fit the bill. There are a few properties that don't require you to be guests to have your wedding/reception there, I might pick one of these and let guests pick whatever accomodations suit them. I'd put together a list of a variety of places with good reputations to make it easier for them. I feel like that might be the best way to meet the needs of everybody from low-budget backpacker type friends to relatives that love luxury.
  9. EmeraldPalms

    Any Brides w/family in Jamaica?

    Karla, Have you decided on a venue yet? I believe there are a few in Negril that will do weddings/receptions for non-guests. Negril Escape on the cliffs doesn't require that you stay there in order to get married there, and they can accomodate a large-ish group. I think Norma's at SeaSplash on the beach will also do this for non-guests. Charela Inn might as well, have you checked with them?
  10. EmeraldPalms

    Moon Dance Cliffs

    I am looking forward to hearing about the experiences you all have at Moon Dance Cliffs! This property looks great, I am interested to hear about how it is shaping up.
  11. It seems that the vast majority of brides here have selected large AI resorts for their wedding. I am curious as to why this is so popular. I have never stayed at an AI resort. I'm a more indepedent type traveler. I really like smaller properties, and love to explore local choices for eating. When I've looked into it AIs also seem very expensive. I know it includes all your food and drink, and maybe is great if you're a big drinker? I, however, have found I can plan a much less expensive trip by staying at a non-AI. I also try to be environmentally and socially conscious, and feel it is easy to find a small, independent resort that is in line with that. I'm interested in selecting a smaller, non-AI resort for my wedding, but am wondering if there is some benefit to AIs that I am overlooking. I know my honey and I prefer the ambience of a smaller property, but I also want to take the needs of my guests into account. The wedding will be small but we do want some family members and close friends to be able to join us. I like the flexibilty a small property might offer, one which doesn't require all guests to stay at that resort. I think it would be nice for guests to be able to choose a property that they like and is in line with their budget (of course they'd all be welcome to stay where we are if that is what they want). But am I missing something? Do you think some folks are just more comfortable with international travel if they book in to a big international AI chain resort with name recognition? Would they have safety concerns about leaving the resort? I really want the best possible experience for those who are joining us. Sorry if I've rambled on a bit, basically I'd love to hear your views. Why did you choose what you chose?
  12. I haven't been to Zermatt, but I stayed for a few days in the town of Lauterbrunnen in the Swiss Alps a few years ago. This is a small town near Interlaken. It was so beautiful and peaceful, I would reccomend this town if you are interested in visting the alps. It lies in valley, with the mountains rising steeply on both sides. The town is small and everything is incredibly picturesque. Farmers come right through town with their cows and other livestock. It is a great area for hiking. You can take easy walks in the valley to enjoy the scenery, and there are mountain trails for the more fit and adventurous. By the way, the swiss trains are amazingly nice.
  13. I'm glad you're going with the red! You should do what you love most, even (especially!) if it isn't the "norm". I personally don't care for french manicures and wouldn't get one for my wedding, or at any other time for that matter.
  14. EmeraldPalms


    Hi all! Wedding planning is still in its very early stages for me. We will marry sometime in 2010, and are thinking about doing so in Jamaica. I'm so excited! This site seems like a great resource and I hope to learn a lot and become involved as my planning progresses.