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  1. Hey I have a dress that I was planning to wear for the wedding, but have found a Jim Hjelm replica dress that I am absolutely in love with. The only way I can get that one though is if I sell my original dress. It's very simple, but would make a great TTD. It's a size 8, but was taken in about an inch possibly in the bust and a couple inches in the hem. I am a 34C and about 5'7" and had 1-2" heel. I am hoping to sell it for $125 (this includes shipping), but would be willing to negotiate if anyone is interested. I also bought it used for $150, but it has never been worn. The original seller outgrew the dress and had to get a different one for the wedding day. The only photo I have on this computer is the one the original seller sent me, but I can get more to you this evening if interested. Snapfish: Share Photo:Registration
  2. I saw some other people on here that were going together to order travel mugs. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in doing this. I would really like to do actual mugs, but have no preference on how they look so if someone already has something they like I would be open to it. I only need about 25. Let me know if anyone else is interested, you can e-mail me for a quicker response kmoerer@gmail.com
  3. Would you be willing to separate the sunscreen? If so, how much would you want for 13 of them? Please e-mail me at kmoerer @ gmail.com
  4. I would be interested in the necklace if it is still available. Please e-mail me at kmoerer @ gmail.com
  5. if you still have the sunscreen and playing cards I would be interested. E-mail me at kmoerer @ gmail.com thanks!
  6. I am new to the site and am planning at January 2010 wedding at Sunset Beach Resort & Spa. I was just wondering if anyone had any reviews on the resort. I have looked on tripadvisor and it's so-so some are awesome reviews and some are horrible, so I was just wondering if any of you had any first hand experience with the resort. Thanks!
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    Hey my name is Kimberley and I am new to the bdw site. I am getting married in Montego Bay on January 23, 2010. We are getting married at Sunset Beach Resort & Spa, any reviews would be greatly appreciated! The resort seems great but as we get closer I seem to be second-guessing all of my decisions. Looking forward to meeting you girls, I have heard nothing but good things about this site from the girls on theknot.
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