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  1. We plan on doing this but i DONT want to tell anyone BUT the FI won't keep it in he is going to tell his sister who will tell everyone else. I really dont care I guess, but I DO bc I dont want my mom to feel that its not a real ceremony. We are not having a religious wedding so she is already upset about that and I know she will feel worse if she thought we already got married without her. I just know that his family will tell her when we get there, so I don't know what to do.
  2. yanettg

    Parents did NOT love my dress!

    Thank you ladies! I did love the 2nd dress as soon as I put it on. It was the first dress I actually smiled with and did not say, well if it had this or did not have this. I didnt want to change anything on it.
  3. yanettg

    Parents did NOT love my dress!

    Quote: Originally Posted by svetayasofiya I prefer the 2nd one also. You have a great figure so you should show it off in something more form fitting. I like the conture (sp?) of the 3rd one, but the halter just seems too old for you. There is something old fashioned about that dress. I bet that's the one your parents liked? You are a very pretty girl. thank you!
  4. yanettg

    Parents did NOT love my dress!

    my parents liked the first dress. and i actually liked the last one.
  5. yanettg

    Parents did NOT love my dress!

    thanks Marak but im actually not well endowed the dress just made it seem that way! But I love the 2nd dress bc it was elegant and more form fitting
  6. yanettg

    Parents did NOT love my dress!

    omg are they too big? maybe i need to resize them
  7. yanettg

    Parents did NOT love my dress!

    OK ladies here are the pictures!
  8. yanettg

    Parents did NOT love my dress!

    Thanks ladies!!! I guess I am wanting to please everyone! I will post the pics of me in the dresses tonight so everyone can see them!
  9. Hi ladies, I went with my parents this weekend to look at dresses. I had a top 4. Upon trying them on I was able to eliminate 2 of them bc they would be to hot in the Carribean and they just didn't wow me anymore. I already knew which dress I wanted actually bc it was the one I light up with immediately. I didn't want to say anything to my parents,s o I wouldn't sway their opinion. They right away said they didnt like my favorite! =( I then suggested they see both dresses with the veil and see if it made a difference also with it being clipped tighter b/c it fit me a bit loose. They finally saw me in both and said they liked them both but still liked the other dress better. Has this happened to anyone? And if so what did you do? Did youstill buy your favorite or go with the one everyone else liked?
  10. yanettg

    WHY the BIG price difference!?

    Thanks Jenny! I was thinking the same thing about waiting until a couple months before. Our wedding is 10 days apart=)!
  11. THe outback safari website is Outback Safari Adventure Tour in Bavaro, Punta Cana and Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic
  12. I am getting so frustrated with the trip planning. I have family going to the Dominican from Chicago, IL and Ft. Worth, TX and it is MORE expensive for my family in Texas than for us here in Chicago. My parents and brother are starting to worry they won't be able to afford the trip! Can anyone tell me why it is more expensive to fly out of DFW, an international airport, than out of Chicago! Your flying further flying out of Chicago. I dont understand. And the TAs are not very helpful in TX, they are saying well it's just more expensive.
  13. Thanks! Yes the same photographer is doing the TTD. It's a little less than $300 dollars the session. Im sure if you contact them it wouldn't be a different price.
  14. I have finally got an official confirmation on my photographer and resort! I had been trying to contact Photo Souvenir for months but never got a response. Unfortunately, my original date of Aug. 4th 2010 was booked and they wrent available til the 9th! Well my FI knew how much I wanted PhotoSouvenir to take our pics and offered to switch the wedding date even though his job gives him a HARD time about time off(even for his wedding). He is great:) to put up a fight to get the photographer I want:) Any who, I also confirmed my resort at Grand Paradise Bavarro b/c it was more affordable for my friends and family, although I really wanted the Magestic Colonial. I can't wait to get my pictures taken! I also decided on a TTD session!
  15. WHen I went to visit in August my FI and I did the Outback Safari excursion. It was fun and interesting. You ride in the back of this netted truck and see different aspects of the island. You get to see "a real dominican home." THe people at this home show you how they make coconut oil. You then go to a location were they make coffee and cocoa powder, very cool. Also, you get to see how cigars are made. You get a nice buffet lunch and then you head off to a private beach to do some boogie boarding and of course drinks the entire time. The FI and I are planning on taking the entire group on this excursion!