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  1. I do Mystic Tanning or Versa Spa and my results are great. I never get orangey and everyone always says it looks great. It also depends on what level you do at the salon. I would try out with a 1 and see how you like it. I say go ahead and try it, the technology it great!
  2. I hope people are still going to respond, even though this thread was soooo long ago. I am getting married at SGOR and I have been in contact with the off-site coordinator and felt that she was trying to SELL me everything. I wanted a private transfer on our way home (One way) and ALL the paperwork said that it was a $120, which I thought was reasonable. But when I talked to her on the phone she said that I must have been mistaken and the one way price was $220 dollars (OMG) so I was really angry because ALL the paperwork said one price and she refused to do anything about it. So does anyone have any taxi's that they have used or would recommend. Also, any extra pics from the Sandals photog would be WONDERFUL!!
  3. I love the gazebo overlooking the water too and dont think it needs decorations, but am also worried about that water fountain. Its just my fiancee and I so I am not worried about guests, but still want good pics! Does anyone who got married here have any pics? I would LOVE TO see them!!
  4. I am getting married at Sandals Grande ocho rios on June 24th !!!
  5. I know I LOVE etsy.com...I recently ordered a bouquet from there and handmade earrings!
  6. I couldn't get an appointment with Kamila, but am going with Katie Bradford Osborne (in the philly area) and her work is AMAZING.. I cant wait till June 6th!!!
  7. I am looking for pink shoes and cant seem to find anything I like yet? Can anyone help?
  8. I recently was on ebay and typed in "starfish" and a TON of jewerly and everything starfish came up! I am currently bidding on somethings...You should check it out!!
  9. I LOVE your dress!! Where did you get it? It looks amazing on you and I have been trying to find one like that...Thanks
  10. Wow great find. I am loving ebay too...I just brought a few silk flowers on there for cheap and so I have some option
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