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    room block help!

    I am planning a wedding in costa rica in january of 2011. I found a great small hotel. I would like to reserve a block of rooms (probably around 10-15). However i was disappointed when the hotel said they wanted 50% of the deposit for the rooms a year in advance and the other 50% six weeks prior to arrival. They did offer a 15% discount but i dont know if this is possible for my budget since i will be fronting the money. The hotel is small and i understand they would like some deposit. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue with other hotels in Costa Rica. Is this typical practice? Any input would be great! Thanks.
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    Has anyone heard of MTZ events in costa rica? I was thinking of using them for my wedding in manuel antonio however i cant find any type of feedback about their services? Hope someone can help! Thanks!
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    hi all i am planning a wedding in costa rica in 2010. I Don't have specifics yet ... still researching!