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    Dreams Cabo (spa, menu, cake)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cabo OR Bust Hi, here's the latest Menu at Dreams that I received. I don't know how to attach a section sheet yet, so I'll put the pricing on another post. Hmm, for some reason I'm not allowed to download the info. I'm receiving the following: -jurisdr, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. - I have sufficient points so I'm not sure why I'm blocked. This is really annoying and wasting my time as I try to ascertain the quirky rules (more like limitations of this site). Ugh!
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    Nice friend! You'll find tons of info here.
  3. jurisdr

    How did you decide?

    After having been to Cancun, Cabo, and PV each at least a half dozen times over the last 10years, Cabo is the preferred destination, IMO. I think Cancun would be too humid in June...not conducive for hair & makeup. Proximity to west coast and a short 2-3hr flight was also a contributing factor.
  4. jurisdr

    Playa Grande Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by dolcegirl01 Michelle, What WC are you working with? That seems kind of odd (they were pretty flexible with me and it was only a few months ago!). If you want to send me a PM I can give you more details about costs....etc. -k You have PM.
  5. jurisdr

    Playa Grande Brides

    Quote: Originally Posted by dolcegirl01 Hi Michelle, We did the filet with shrimp and it was sooooooo good. Everyone raved about the food. I picked the dishes out of each menu that I liked. For example, we really wanted a salad so I took the salad from one of the chicken dinners. The ocean front terrace is great. I loved the little gazebo for dancing and it made great for pictures. I don't think it is too big at all--and I loved that it was right in front of the water. You will definitely be able to tell when you get there. And I would try to have everyone at two tables--it will make it way more intimate and I think the PG can seat 10 to a table. The filet w/shrimp sounds good. I may have been given different menus bc chicken isn't offered on any of them. My dinner menu choices are: Filet, lobster, shrimp, prime rib, or lamb. WC seems to be less flexible w/me...she said no substitutions of items from the menus. She added that I had to go w/everything on the menu or order from the Brigantine (sp?) a la carte menu, ugh. I'm happy to hear the ocean front terrace isn't too big. Originally it was going to be on the sand, but we're concerned groom's mom may have mobility issues w/the sand. Thanks for all of the info. :-) ~Michelle
  6. jurisdr

    Playa Grande Brides

    Hi Kate, Thanks for the advice! I sent an email stating I was considering other venues. I added that we will be in Cabo next month for a site visit. This seemed to prompt more expeditious replies. :-) I read you had the Filet Mignon and that it was very good. We're deciding between the Filet Migon or the Lobster from the gala dinner menu. Did you have just the filet or did you try the lobster too? We're considering the oceanfront terrace for the ceremony. However, the terrace appears quite large in pictures. It's a small wedding of only 16-18 people total including bride/groom and we're concerned the large terrace will overwhelm the small number of chairs. What do you think? Also, I saw the terrace area where you had you reception dinner and it looked absolutely beautiful. Do you think the area is too large for a smaller group of only two tables with 8 or 9 people per table? Thanks!! Michelle
  7. jurisdr

    Welcome Bags

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ayita ...minimus.biz or Northern Safety (for the hangover kits). minimus.biz is a great site for travel size items. ------------ In think ours will end up being about $25-$30 per couple including the bag. There are several kids going and their bags are about $8-10 each. Only 18 are planning on attending so the total is around $200. I would probably spend less if it there were significantly more guests.
  8. jurisdr

    Playa Grande Brides

    Thus far, the email response time from PG WC is very slow. My first email went unanswered thus after a week I sent a subsequent email. This has happened several times now where I have to send a second email stating I still have not received a reply to my previous email. This is very frustrating as I can't decide on a venue if it's taking a week to receive an answer to simple questions. I was planning on going w/ Playa Grande, but I may end up going w/Sunset da Mona Lisa or Dreams now.
  9. jurisdr

    Neysa Berman

    Quote: Originally Posted by krazyk Here are Neysa's prices... Great! Thanks for posting these here. :-)
  10. jurisdr

    Hair & Makeup Trial With Pics

    Thanks for the info, Kerry! I'll be sure to mention it's a referral from you. :-)
  11. jurisdr

    What to do with single guests?

    If it's just a few single guests, then maybe go w/compatibility or interests (similar to what beck said) and give them each other's contact info. I would not make the arrangements for them, but merely supply them w/a compatible person's contact info.
  12. jurisdr

    Neysa Berman

    Quote: Originally Posted by krazyk For you ladies who used Neysa I see she charges by the hour... Would you mind posting or PM me w/the hourly rate you were quoted? We're in the early stages of planning and still deciding on a venue, but it would help to know approximately how much to allocate in the budget for hair and make-up. I figure we'll need 3 or 4 hours for 4 people...two of which are 11-12yr olds so makeup will be minimal.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Kelly C I used caboticket.com for a charter snorkeling and dive trip... Great site! I bookmarked it for future use.
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    Newbie here!!

    Welcome and congrats!
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    Playa Grande Brides

    Thanks, Kate!