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  1. Hi Heather, Thank you for the review is very helpful since I will be getting married at dreams in April:-) Your pics look beautiful! Could you please tell me where or how to find Neesa? I am a hairdresser so I will prob b doing my own hair and makeup but I need someone 4 my 6 BM's since I already warned them I am not touching anyones hair that day, lol Desiree
  2. Hi Michelle...I'm actually wearing the same dress this April in Cabo San Lucas... Love, love, love the dress:-) I didn't deceide on a bouquet yet but I'm def doing all dif really bright colors, I thk u can do any color flowers w this dress, not sure about wht tho cause it may make the dress look dingy! Same goes for whatev ur hubby is goin 2 wear just make sure its not white...Someone pointed that out 2 me & I'm so glad cause I wld have nev thgt of it. Hope this helps :-) Quote: Originally Posted by BrideMichele I need your help! I just bought my dress! Yipppie! It is Maggie Sottero - Rhianna Royale in Light Champagne/Gold accent (if you go to Maggie's website and search 'Rhianna' you will find it). So my problem is this - what flower colors would go with this dress? No brides maids so I don't have to worry about matching their dresses. Would any flower color work? Has anyone gotten married in this dress (or dress color)? If so, can you tell me what flower colors you used?
  3. Desi479

    Help finding Wedding Cake Vendors

    Hi Girls, I am also looking for a cake vendor. I contacted Jennifer Hatton too and she told me she was not able to do my cake because I wanted a 3d cake shaped like a sandcastle. Jennifer referred me to Deena who said she could def do it but its been about 3mths & I emailed her 3 or 4 times since then & no responce or nothing:-( Does anyone know anyone else I cld contact?
  4. Hey Karen.... Thanks so much for ur help, I'm gonna try to start them 2nite... Let u know how they turn out! Quote: Originally Posted by KarenM Hey Desi, you're so not an idiot but I totally understand how you feel! When I first started thinking about save the date cards I didn't know what I wanted. Then when we decided to do boarding passes I had no idea where to start so I googled them & found this template: DIY: Boarding Pass Invitation / Save The Date - Aylee Bits She has the template in word & has instructions on how to add text & pictures and to print/cut them out. We followed that template but created it in adobe illustrator so if you use illustrator I could send you the template, but otherwise it's probably a good idea to follow the instructions on the above link. It's actually pretty easy once you download it & see what it looks like. We bought the graphic from istockphoto & unfortunately I can't just post it for everyone to use (copyright issues), but I did put a link up to it in an earlier post on this thread if anyone's interested in buying it too (it won't look exactly the same cuz we flipped the image & changed all the colors in illustrator). But, I'm sure you could find some picture or graphic on the web that you like & could copy & paste into the word template. Does this make any sense? You could start by searching the forum for boarding pass save the dates, there are lots of other templates & graphics from other people & you might find something you could use without all the confusion. (sorry!) Good luck on the hunt & feel free to PM me if you need more help!!
  5. Hi Karen.... I love them, they look great!!! How would I go about making something like this, I'm not sure I understand? Can I just download the template and buy the paper? How do u get the different designs and stuff on there? I'm sorry, I feel like an idiot, lol! Quote: Originally Posted by KarenM So I just wanted to say thank you to the BDW forum & to so many of you without whom I never would've even known what a boarding pass invite was! We got so many great ideas & helpful tips from this site & couldn't have done it without all of you that have gone before us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We used this template as a guide for the boarding pass & ticket jacket but FI modified them & made them in Illustrator. DIY: Boarding Pass Invitation / Save The Date - Aylee Bits The graphic we found in Istockphoto & we customized it & changed the colors for our boarding pass. Some of the things we found helpful were to use a small corner rounder to do the corners. Also use a perforating blade to perforate the left & right ends of the ticket to make the stub/staple-here areas. Then after perforating you can bend the left side back & easily round the corners, getting that little cut-out indented area to look right. As all of you DIYer's know this is a labor of love, but I'm so happy we made them ourselves.
  6. Hey, I love ur invites, they look great!!! I am also interested in them and was wondering, did u make them urself? If so, how would I go about doing them? Quote: Originally Posted by majnooni So I FINALLY have my invitations finished and in the mail. Phew! Thanks to everyone here on the forum for their ideas on the Boarding Pass STDs and invitations (especially Aylee for the template!). I ended up going to a local print shop because my printer at home wasn't able to handle the 80lbs card stock for the boarding passes. That ended up being really good since they found the ticket enclosures in the right color pre-made for a decent price. (I was going to use one of the BDW templates). Our colors are pool and navy with accents of red and orange (mostly from flowers) so I wanted to stick with those colors. Outside Enclosure Inside Announcement & RSVP envelope Invitations & Itinerary RSVP stub Everything all together The Gory Details Enclosure Navy Brochure Enclosures Compass stamp Embossing ink and powder Heat gun (Marvy® Uchida Embossing Heat Tool) Rounder Corner Paper Puncher The outer cover is a navy brochure folder with a single pocket inside. I embossed a compass onto the front and rounded the corners to finish it out. The compass was a stamp I found at Michaels and I used transparent embossing ink & powder. Boarding Passes 80lb card stock - natural white (kind of an off-white color) Rotary Trimmer with both a straight edge blade and a perforator blade (Fiskars® Portable Rotary Trimmer) Rounder Corner Paper Puncher Stapler Glue Spots - HERMA® Dotto™ Permanent I used staples to attach the boarding passes to each other and then used glue spots to attach the bottom pass to the enclosure. The Dotto dots dispenser made it super easy with no mess at all. Envelopes RSVP Envelope - 4bar Pool - Paper Source Invitation Envelope - #10 in natural white (matching the boarding passes) We had the printer print our address on the RSVP envelopes and the back flap of the outer envelopes. We used our printer at home to address the envelopes to our guests. The whole time I was working on this project I regretted not just ordering something from a catalog. Now that they are done and out there, I am SOOO glad I did this!! Thanks to everyone here for the encouragement and ideas. I couldn't have done this without you! Cheryl
  7. Desi479

    June 2010 wedding at the Riu Palace

    No Prob Steph!!! Just wondering about the menu thg, r u doin a buffet?? I forgot 2 mention, I stayd at the Riu Palace Cabo May 2008 so if u have any questions let me know... Goodluck w/ school n evrythg:)
  8. Desi479

    June 2010 wedding at the Riu Palace

    Thanks so much Steph, I love it!!! Pink n brown is so cute 2gth, Im doin the diamonds on the table too! Heres the websites I found, let me know if urs r cheaper... Favor Frenzy Wedding Supplies, Tulle, Ribbon, Organza, and Baby Shower Wedding Decorations | Reception Table Decorations | Wedding Ideas Im thkn of doin different size hurricane vases w/ water and a flower floating in the water, like w/ stem and evrythg and mayb a floating candle and the diamonds sprinkled around them. I want a tablerunner also, but not sure if I shld do fushia or orange...what do u thk Yes, def please let me know if u find anythg else because Im not set on anythg, these r just ideas I was thkn
  9. Desi479

    June 2010 wedding at the Riu Palace

    Thanks Stephanie.... congrats to u too!!! Im doin fushia & orange and my BM r wearing a pale yellow, how bout u, what r ur colors?? Did u figure out ur centerpieces yet? Wow, thats pretty good, I thought the disco would b alot more. Do u know if theres a charge per person 4 drinks?
  10. Desi479

    renting vases vs. buying

    Hey, Im gettin marreid at the Riu Palace, how bout u? U said they didnt charge u for urs? I want different sizes, do u thk that matters
  11. Desi479

    renting vases vs. buying

    Im worried about the vases too... I would like to do like 3 different size hurricane votives w floting candles for mine, does anyone have a price for renting them
  12. Desi479

    Receptions at the Riu Palace

    Quote: Originally Posted by ajncooter i had my reception on the mexican terrace for 50 guests and paid the 500 fee for the food and beverage and service and also hired a dj for 500 for the night it was nice and private and right on the beach with plenty of room for dancing. we had our welcome dinner at the steakhouse and it was amazing... who can say no to surf and turf... the food is much better at the steakhouse but it was nice to have our reception on the mexican terrace. we brought our own decorations and candles.. if you would like some pics.. please email me at ajncooter@yahoo.com I am happy to help! Hi, could u send me pics as well I was actualy there for ur wedding, lol, planning my wedding for April 2010 and need some ideas.... Thanks!!!! Desi479@aol.com
  13. Desi479

    June 2010 wedding at the Riu Palace

    Hey Girls... I'm getting married at Riu Palace April 2010 and also trying to get all different pricelists from Daniela. I def want a private reception but need to b frugal as well, does anyone have any ideas?? Were expectin 80-100 guests...I was thkn of doin a cocktail party w just apps but it doesnt seem like enough food. Does anyone know how much it costs 2 rent out the disco? Any ideas for centerpieces would b great too!!!!!!
  14. Desi479

    Newbie wants to plan wedding at Moon Palace

    i Shana, Congrats on evrythg A friend of my FI was just married at Moon Palace Jan 2010, They said they absolutly loved it!!! Im actually interest in there too! The only bad thg they had 2 say was the weather, kinda chilly... They had to have there reception in the ballroom because of it, and couldnt really go swimming or anythg!! Also, when booking rooms they said the resort is huge n theres 2 sides so they said make sure u tell the resort to book all of ur guest rooms 2gther on the same side:) I have alot of info on this resort, so feel free 2 ask me!!! TTYL, Des
  15. Desi479

    Melia Cabo real questions????

    Lexy, Im also considering Melia, I have a bunch of info from WC, but im a noobie n not really sure how 2 post evrythg, lol... Let me know if u have any questions! Des