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  1. helllllo everyone. i havent been on in a while but ive been creepin. haha. i do have a question maybe someone could help me with..... if you do the ceremony on the beach, do they have any decorations like an arch or anything?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by nbills511 Hi Ladies....if you are having a private reception...which location did you choose?? Thank you!! Nicole welcome to the thread were trying to get el patio but we wont find out until 2 weeks before. if not there then the beach
  3. i was the same way. the main part of dw is no work right? well i thought of ways to make it as simple as possible. my bridesmaids bouquets are doubling as the arrangement for the table, just by covering a plastic container with fabric which will be my vase. the only thing different is im using battery candles
  4. i had the same question then came across pics with only one runner it looks alot more neat.
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    good question. i was thinking that right before i came across this
  6. omg everyone is so creative thanks for the inspiration!!
  7. hey ladies im baaaaaaaaack. ive been mia for a while. welcome to the new ladies. i guess ill be on here a little bit more now. were 6 months out. now its time to buckle down and really "start" the planning. ha! also congrats to the married ladies!!
  8. hey girls i have a question about the beach ceremony..... if we decide to do it is there any type of decoration? some sort of alter/table....
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  10. Quote: Originally Posted by GinalynL I never got charged for the extra chair covers. I also brought my own chair bows and they put them on the chairs for me, no charge. Cool for booking Sascha...there are so many talented photogs in Mexico that it's hard to choose!! gina also i wanted to know....those little tequila bottles that you had....where did you find them?
  11. thanks..... i got i few more ideas from other sites.... so hopefully that will make it all complete....ill keep ya posted
  12. im really thinking these are a wonderful idea.... so pretty
  13. i love this idea.... what kind of lamp do you think you might need for a diy?