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  1. Thanks Lindsey, good to know. Because I was ready to send payment for $500. And you got them from the hotel itself or from the company PSAV that they refer to?
  2. My wedding will be around 4pm or 5pm, still don't know yet, at the beach location Katusha, have you finalized all the details with Veronica? How many people you having? Where are you going to have your reception?
  3. I will bring everything with me. If it doesn't fit then I will put it in my family members' luggage ) Lindsey, what did you use the speakers for? Just for ceremony or reception too? I need them for reception so i don't know if I need the whole sound system... if you only used speakers
  4. I also didn't know that they do two wedding per day. So if you want any specific locations reserved you have to tell her in advance, otherwise she said you'll choose from what's available. The upgrade for the orchid bouquet according to her will be $100-150. I hope that doesn't change ) Also, those flower arrangements on the gazebo are $100 each. The arrangements that they have are so old fashioned. Also, Lindsey, she only charged you $75 for the speakers? Is it speakers only or the whole sound system? I was told to book through PSAV, and the sound system without the DJ came up to $476.30. Katusha25, my wedding is on April 23. When do you arrive for your wedding? You will probably have a chance to see my wedding
  5. Hi girls, I'm new to the forum so just wanted to share my experience with Veronica. My wedding will be on April 23rd of 2009 (very soon) and I'm getting more and more frustrated with the whole planning, especially Veronica and her silly policies. No matter what you ask her everything is "nonrefundable or exchangeable" (that's according to her). I said I don't need photographer because I have my own, so let me have more video coverage and I will pay the difference, but she said no because items are "nonrefundable or exchangeable". I said I don't want that cruise which is included in the package but she said "nonrefundable or exchangeable". Lastly I asked for few flowers to the bridesmaid instead of corsages and again "nonrefundable or exchangeable". I feel that they sell those packages as "one size fits all" and have absolutely no flexibility and don't care what the customer actually wants or needs. Different people have different needs and they should have more flexibility. My friend got married there two years ago, had a different planner at that time and totally different experience. I'm starting to feel sorry that I chose this resort, but it's too late now. I haven't even discussed the menu with her yet. Looks like I am the one who does all the planning and she just says yes or no. She doesn't ask me anything. I hope my orchids arrive in time since they have to ship them and she didn't ask me before. Other than that, we will have a ceremony at the beach location and reception in the balcony at the foyer. Only 16 guests. I booked the guitar player for the ceremony to play some romantic music, Mariachi trio for the late evening, also audio speakers from the company that they provide and I still need to book the videographer (havent' decided which option to take yet).
  6. Egle


    My name is Egle J. The wedding will take place at Excellence Riviera Cancun on April 23rd 2009.
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