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  1. Sunstarmoom - we got the bridesmaids dresses at Alfred Angelo - they are a french blue lace. Really cute!
  2. I found them on line at quickcandle.com - they have alot of package prices so for 100 bags and 100 extended tea lights it was around $35. Shipping time was excellent. I would highly recommend this site.
  3. I was afraid the votives might be to heavy and was able to find 7 hour tea lights. We are looking for the doiles and will then be able to cross this one off our list!
  4. I am working on one for my daughters wedding tonite. Her wedding is this Thursday! I saw someone else on this site that put sand in the bottom of the shell and then had a starfish that laid on the sand. They put the rings on the arms of the starfish - I thought that was a cute idea - love the red flower on yours. Congratulations!
  5. Really liked the ring holder and how you used the star fish instead of ribbon for the rings.Thanks
  6. Since my daughter is not having a legal ceremony we did have her vows printed on a certificate and have a place for every guest to sign it saying they witnessed the marriage. The certificate should be here this week - can't wait to see it!
  7. We are not going to throw anything at the couple but will be waving my daughter and son n law with ribbon wands. We have seen some beautiful photos using these.
  8. My daughter finally decided to go with a long veil - hoping that it won't blow in the wind and ruin her pictures. She looks beautiful in it but won't be putting it over her face, only coming out of the back of her bun.
  9. My daughter ordered flip flops from dessy to match the bridesmaids dresses and they were perfect. In fact after we got them, everyone going wanted flip flops to match their dresses as well, from grandmas to aunts. The colors available are great - my daughters grandma has a celery green dress and they could match it. Service is fast and no problems with any of our orders. You might want to check this site out.
  10. Marie Sam - I wanted to thank you for the information on Jenn at Turtle Bay Cafe. I did contact and decided to have her coordinate my daughters wedding. We will be leaving next week. Again, thanks for your help!
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