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  1. Hi, I am going to do this, I bought my towels on sale at Target and then found a lady locally that would sitch on our monagram. I know from surfing the boards that brides from the US have used Beach Towels wholesale manufacturer of custom embroidered monogrammed bath towel for corporate events the review I read said that she was happy with the quality. Hopes this helps. I would have used them but the shipping costs were to expensive to ship cross boarder.
  2. I would love to have the star fish, crossing my fingers that they are still avaliable!!! I am also Pming you. Thanks
  3. I would love to have these, I have been trying to find them all over. I am in Minden ontario Please let me know if you still have them. Crossing my fingers!!! Robin
  4. I am going to use business card laminators Dollar Rama, they were really reasonable, 10 for $1 and then tie ribbon to them. Just another idea for you.
  5. Thanks for the instructions, might help I needed to export to c:/windows/fonts and it seemed to work. If you follow the instructions above on find all the fonts you already have on your computer, then right click on one of them it will give you the location to export to on your computer. Thanks
  6. Hi, I would be interested in 20 of the 3-4 star fish and what you have of the 4-6 starfish, also the flora pouches if avalable. Can I also add the parasols as well. I will send you a Pm as well. Thanks
  7. I would be interested int he Starfish, how much to ship to K0M 2k0 minden ontario canada. Thanks Robin
  8. Hi I bought mine from Dollarama, they are business card laminators. I think they were about 6 for $1 Hope this helps Robin
  9. Love your center pieces, wish we were closer so I could pick up... Were did you get your star fish from?
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