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  1. Good luck with all of your planning! You'll find tons of helpful information here!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by honey740 those are nice, I have no idea what to expect from the mariachi, I guess I will pick from a list when I get there...from here on out I am adopting a new attitude...just relax because it's not like I can change anything major anyway, we're in the home stretch!! Work is going to be painful this week.... I got married at MP on 6/26 and we had the mariachi band as well. i'm not sure if they have a list of songs to pick from, if they do, i didn't see it. i think the just have standard music that they play. to be honest, i don't even remember hearing any of it cause i was so excited to see B waiting for me! my guests had great things to say about the mariachi band though...
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Leanna35 I am also concerned about witnesses!!! Does anyone know if they have to be in Cancun 3 days early as well? My TA said they didn't but then I was told they did!!!! If so, I have a problem because all of my guests arrive the day before the wedding. The witnesses do need to be there 2 days before the wedding so they can be included on your marriage certificate. The resort will provide witnesses for you though if you don't have anyone that will be there 2 days before. We had four members of our family sign the certificate as "honorary" witnesses during the actual ceremony.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by CANCUN09 I LOVE this forum. I just don't know how to use it. I haven't been able to do much but read what other folks are saying. I hope this goes to the forum and not just replying to one message. Oh well. I'm getting married Moon Palace, Chapel Gazebo 5pm cocktail hour chapel garden, reception in ballroom. Has anyone had Angelica as a WC?? Haven't had a email response from her in a week and a half and wondering should I reach out to a manager or will my wedding me sabotaged if I do?? Ahhhhh breath! Namistay Angelica is my WC. There were a few times when her responses were slow. I did notice that when I sent her a bunch of questions and confirmations to make, it took longer for her to get back to me, so I tried to be patient. I would say send her one more reminder email. She was very good about getting all the information I requested, so I imagine it just takes time to hear back from people on the MP end.
  5. I'm getting some tall square hurricane vases with votive candles in them and they cost $6 each. I'm just going to do a long table with three rose arrangments and a few candles around them. I saw pictures on here somewhere and it looked really pretty.
  6. Is anyone here doing "assigned" seats for a private dinner? We are going to have one long table for guests and I'm wondering if I should bother making some sort of seating chart, or just let people figure it out based on the place markers/favors at each seat. For 22 guests, is it really worth worrying about? Doe anyone have a template, or a suggestion of where I could find one? Thanks!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by TinaM2b Liz and Nina, Did you decide to take decorations for inside just in case? I've given it some thought and keep deciding the same thing. I am not going to worry about it. Unless, it is raining, we think we are going to be outside whether it is super hot or not. Austin has been fricken 100 degrees the last several days..... It can't be any hotter than that!! We're not taking any extra decorations. I didn't feel like buying any of that stuff or lugging it down there. I hadn't really even thought about getting rained out until now...I just checked the weather.com and unfortunately it looks like thunderstorms are expected next week. Hopefully that is innacurate! The heat won't bother us though, so we'll stay outside for the whole dinner/reception. I imagine it will cool off a little after the sun sets.
  8. nibsmom - Haha! I've been having the hair nightmares for months! Most of them involve me having to do my hair and makeup in 5 minutes with limited supplies. B laughs at me anytime I bring them up...
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by TinaM2b liz1717, You have to be so excited, only 12 days left. When do you leave? How long will you be there? What is the timeline on your wedding day? Liz, There are several of us getting married a couple weeks after you. We can't wait to hear your report and see photos. If you are out walking around at night between 5 -7, I would love to hear your opinion of the temperature around the Terraces. Nina, I don't recall hearing La Selva before either. 21 days from today, we will be arriving in Cancun late morning. 27 days till our wedding day. I am beginning to pack the extra bags today. We are so excited!! We leave 6/23 and will be there 8 days. Our wedding is on 6/26 and begins at 2 and then we'll take pictures after and then have a private dinner at the Terrace Venado starting at 6. I didn't want to feel rushed taking pictures or have everyone milling around waiting for us, so the time between the wedding and dinner will be nice. I think it will give B and I time to soak everything in and have some nice alone time before the reception. We are having about 20 guests, so it's going to be a nice intimate wedding and reception. I'll let you know about the temp that night. You are way ahead of me...I haven't even started packing yet, I just have piles of stuff all over the house!
  10. Does anyone know how long the witnesses need to be in Mexico before the civil ceremony? We have to get info together about the witnesses and I'm not sure if they'll be there long enough before the wedding. drtracy - Thanks for the response about transportation. I keep forgetting that people can figure it out on their own and I don't need to micromanage everything...
  11. We leave in less than two weeks, so this is probably something I should have figured out a long time ago...but, I'm wondering how your guests are getting from the airport to the resort. I know that when I booked through my TA, transfer was included, but we have a few guests who booked through an online travel site and I'm not sure if they purchased transfer. Does anyone have any suggestions of a site that I could send to guests if they haven't made arrangments? Thanks so much!
  12. Welcome to the forum. You'll find tons of helpful information here!
  13. It's now three weeks before my wedding at MP and I have finally finished reading through this thread...We're pretty much ready to go, I just have a few last minute things to figure out and finish. I am so ready to finally get down there!! Really, I just wanted to say thank you everyone for such helpful information!!
  14. this thread is so helpful! thanks for all the great tips
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