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  1. We had 96 guests at the Catalonia and I flew my photographers in from San Antonio. They took 1400 pictures! I have answers to probably all your questions and would like to post pictures. How do I post them!!! My email is AlexisShumpes@gmail.com if you would like to email me. Thanks, Alexis
  2. Look at my website at Alexis & Chris wedding in Mexico!. Go to the Accommodations tab and you will see that I posted pictures and rates of all the different rooms. Upgrade is 100% worth it. Our room had a office and extra living area and MUCH larger bathroom.
  3. I just had my wedding at the Riviermaya Catalonia Hotel on May 23, 2009. We had 96 guests. I flew in my photographers from San Antonio and have many pictures posted to facebook. If someone can tell me how to post pictures, I'll be more than happy to. I worked with the staff for over a year, so I can answer plenty of questions.
  4. Mine is too. 106 guests. 1 year of planning and anticipation. It's the exact kind of think you think will never happen to you. I'm so sorry. You are not alone. Are you pushing the date back and keeping the same location?
  5. My trainer is kicking my butt with weights! I'm supposed to do an hour of cardio each day I'm not with him. After breakfast, I'm off to the gym to do a hour of cardio. I think I might split it up between rowing and elliptical.
  6. Like your centerpieces. Cute idea to redo for dinner parties!!
  7. We are going to do it, but where the heck do you buy a decent vase? I've looked everywhere!
  8. I love how you didn't REALLY trash your dress. I want to do something similar. My Mom is soooo against any type of tash the dress photo shoot. I'm even thinking about buying a cheaper dress just for that shoot. What do you think? Did the water kill your dress?
  9. I would say that the lack of communication is the only pitfall. We visited the hotel for a week before we decided to book it. We toured at least 10 other hotels. We have 101 people that have booked!
  10. do you remember the prices at the spa? Did you go to the spa to get your hair done or did they come to your room?
  11. It took forever for me to get responses from Elena in the beginning! It gets better. You just have to continue to be persistent.
  12. I am doing the same! 5 weeks until we leave for Mexico and I am including so much of your information in my newsletters. Thanks a million!
  13. I've gone to working out every other day. It's much easier on my sleep schedule!
  14. At the gym now! I've got 4 weeks until bridal portraits, ahhhhh! I wanted to be 5 PBS lighter by now. I hired a trainer, I'm hoping it will help keep on track. I just get so bored doing my hour of cardio on the bike! Thank God for iPhones!
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