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  1. Ok so I spent a lot of my night tonight going through old threads and posts and have noticed a lot of people talking about flying their own photographer to their DW. I'm beginning to feel that I HAVE to do this too. Is it a must? I guess that I didn't really see any comments about the photo. packages and photographer at their resort so I don't know what to think anymore! lol Were getting married at the Barcelo Maya Palace, has anyone gone with their packages? If so how do/did you feel about them?
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by amynjoe Hi Ashley!! We are getting married Feb 25th, 2010, so only a day apart! Have you decided on a wedding package yet? Hi AmynJoe! Thats to crazy!! Yes we have decided on the sea breeze package, have you guys decided yours yet? Have you talked to any coordinator yet?
  3. Hi Everyone!! We getting Married at the Palace Feb. 26, 2010! What Im told from a few people is that you pretty much plan everything when you go down there those 4 or 5 days before the wedding. Is this true? Have you all contacted the coordinator? and what for? Any guidance that you may have would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you! Ashley
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    Hi Everyone! My name is Ashley and I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. My fiance and I got engaged December 19, 2009, and are now currently looking at having our wedding in the Riviera Maya at either the Moon Palace or the Barcelo Maya palace. Our date is still trying to be narrowed down, but we would like it to be something middle/late Feb 2010. I am so happy that I found this board and I cant wait to read all of your ideas and suggestions!! Ashley
  5. Hi I'm new here, and just recently started to plan my DW. We got engaged on December 19th 2009, and since then it has been quite overwhelming!! We just got back from talking to our TA yesterday and have narrowed it down to either the Moon Palace or the Barcelo Maya Palace. Anyone have are suggestions or advice on either one of these two? Right now we are looking at having our day on Feb. 23 2010. Thank you so much for making this thread I having been getting VERY discouraged lately and feel totally lost on where to start! Thank you all for any help you have! Ashley