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    Honey740's Moon Palace 2009 Review

    Congrats! Thanks for the detailed review
  2. Congratulationss, Nibsmom! Your wedding looked beautiful and your dress is gorgeous! And of course, thanks for the review
  3. Congrats and thanks for the detailed review. Glad the months of planning paid off!!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by nibsmom chikara - I actually just contacted Tammy Host - the owner of the forum. She's a great TA! There's form you can fill out to contact her - just hit the banner at the top of the page. I asked around with a few TAs, and she was the best! For photographers, I'm sorry to hear about Del Sol! I love them too - they were way out of our budget. We are bringing a photographer from the states - Misti Abner. Nibsmom, thanks again!! I just filled out the form for Tammy Host so am keeping my fingers crossed that she comes back with good rates. And per your suggestion, I just read a bunch of forum how-to's so I can keep up with you ladies.
  5. Thanks, Nibsmom!! Yes, we are so excited since we've been to the resort before and it truly is like paradise. You must be so excited, with just about a month to go!! And thanks for the tip on reading the forum rules - I've gone through some of them, but clearly I need to read up on them more. At least I'm officially a "Noob" now So I didn't clarify that the rate was PER PERSON based on double occupancy meaning it's $466 per night for a couple. It sounds like you are getting a lower rate - do you mind recommending what travel agent you are working with? I'm sure you mentioned it at some point earlier in the forum but I can't recall. If these travel agents are able to get us lower rates and can get us the free promotion deals with the # of rooms, then I think I should definitely take that route. I would greatly appreciate it if you can recommend your TA Nibsmom - thanks in advance!! The only other issue we're dealing with is finding a photographer for the event. We contacted Del Sol and they said they're more than happy to do a TTD session with us but flat-out said that they would prefer NOT to do a Moon Palace wedding. I found that surprising since they did CutieRosie's wedding just two months ago and it was such a beautiful event. The more pictures I look at, the more I want to bring an outside vendor to do the photos but MP is just so strict that it's turning off a lot of these photographers... *sigh*
  6. Uh-oh... I just saw that I'm labeled as a "Lurker" - what does that even mean?? That doesn't sound so good... please provide guidance, thanks!!
  7. Hello ladies, I have not introduced myself yet, but I have been reading through the 200+ pages of threads over the last two months. Thank you to all of you that have been so wonderful with the helpful ideas and information – it helped us to make the decision to sign our contract last week with Moon Palace for early next spring, 2/11/2010!! My fiancée is currently in Birmingham, England and I am in Washington, DC so we are trying to do all the planning via phone calls and emails. Fortunately, the long-distance will come to an end in a few months with our planned moved to NYC. However, as most of you ladies on here, I would like to have most items planned earlier than later. So here is the information I do have so far: The person I’ve been dealing with in the Miami office is Claudia Martinez and she’s been wonderful with her communication (minor hiccup in the beginning with faxing issues for our contract). We are getting married on the beach. We have started a wedding website last week which I will post the link for, once we have a more complete version up. We are ordering STD’s this week so we can send them out by the end of the month. We got our group room rates but they are not that great ($233/night, double occupancy) and I’m thinking about contacting a travel agent to see what kind of rates they can offer. Also, I know someone that got married there in November 2007 and apparently they were able to negotiate a better rate. Has anyone tried negotiating the rates with Moon Palace?? Once again, thank you for all the past threads and many more future threads to come. Now that I’m officially on the forum, you will be seeing a lot more of me, as I’ll be an active participant