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  1. I'm sorry i'm joining this thread so late. I am supposed to be getting married on June 3rd and it looks like they just canceled our flights to Mexico! Air Transat just extended their cancelations to June 19th! WHAT THE HECK! Its the frickin flu! over 4000 Cdns die every year from the flu and there have been 50 worldwide!!!! Why are they doing this!!! We now have to try to move our destination elsewhere - in a matter of days. It took weeks to put this wedding together and now i have to slap something else together! life is unfair!!! I hope not to many other brides are going through this! This is a nightmare! The hotel said they will refund our deposit but I signed a contract with my photographer and paid a stinkin lot of money up front that was non-refundable!!! This sucks!
  2. Hey maybride! Don't let your agent bum you out! I haven't been there yet - but if you read the reviews - they are awesome! I can't wait to go in 6 weeks! Don't let your agent ruin anything for you - and I sure hope you didn't book through Flight Centre! I booked my group through them and it has been a gong show! Good luck with everything!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Bethanykd Hi Nadine Looks like we meet again on this page...lol! Have you been to Dreams Tulum yet? I have never been there, but it looks gorgeous! Congrats on your june wedding! You must be soooo excited! I know I can't wait until Oct for mine! Hey! I have never been there but it looks so gorgeous! Someone posted pictures from this past week - check them out! You'll wish it was October NOW! bb and Leopardo Dreams Tulum LIVE pictures, photos, and videos, from vacations on webshots What stage of planning are you at? There is always something to do, but we're getting there
  4. For those of you in Canada - and i'm sure the US has this too, I took some tips from here and we got some 12 oz metal water bottles at the dollar store. They are $1.25 each and then we will personalize them with gold/silver metallic pens. We also picked up hand sanitizer (3 for $1) and travel sized Kleenex (6 for $1). We're still working on other items but its a start.
  5. Hi Bethany, I'm in the same boat - i'm not sure how to get my name posted...and i'm not sure how to find sub-threads in the Dreams Tulum thread. I feel like I am using a computer for the first time! Not sure what how to get around My info is: Username: thedeanerswedding Date & Time: June 3, 2009 at 3pm Wedding Package: Ultimate Type of ceremony: Religious(Symbolic) and Civil (informally) Coordinator: Anabel Number of guests: 30ish Ceremony location & time: Chapel at 3pm Reception Location: TBD
  6. Hi Bethany, Welcome! I am getting married in June at Dreams Tulum. I can't wait! I just wish I could slow time down! Its coming sooo quickly and there is sooooo much to do!!! Nadine
  7. I just skimmed through this and there are some awesome ideas!! thanks everyone! This may seem silly but what does OOT stand for? ha ha
  8. I just skimmed through this and there are some awesome ideas!! thanks everyone! This may seem silly but what does OOT stand for? ha ha
  9. thanks everyone! I'm still slowly (VERY slowly) trying to work my way around this site I hope you are all doing well Its snowing here today so I'm looking forward to getting down to Mexico!
  10. oh thanks! I may just go with that! My friend got married in Mexico 5 years ago and she just told me that if I'm changing my last name - to do it with in the first 30 days of getting married - otherwise the process is a lot harder and longer. I don't understand but she didn't do hers right away and now is having a lot of trouble changing it over - and she said if she had done it immediately - the process was simpler. She is Ontario though - so i'm not sure if it is different for BC. Thanks again! and congrats on the wedding!!!
  11. Ok thanks - i've asked the WC twice and she insists we don't need it. I ordered our long form BC's and had them legalized..but if i don't have to have them translated and then notorized..then i'd like to skip that process. My biggest fear is getting there and then they ask for them! Thanks for your help! N
  12. Hi everyone! Sorry i'm late in getting in on this conversation - i'm quite confused. My hotel is telling me I don't need to bring or translate anything but when I spoke to the Mexican Consulate - they INSIST that i need the Long-Form Birth certificates. Is anyone here that recently got married at Dreams Tulum that can verify what is actually needed? Thanks so much! Nadine
  13. Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself and say WOW! there is lots of info here! I'm not really sure what I'm doing but hopefully i'll pick it up quickly My name is Nadine and my wedding date is coming up a lot faster than I had hoped! June 3, 2009 - we are getting married at Dreams Tulum. I can't wait but I wish there was more time in the day!!! Looking forward to hearing about past and future bride's experiences Thanks, Nadine
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