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  1. I have two cats and they are indoor/outdoor. I would prefer that they were indoor but my one cat pees if we don't let him out. It's a struggle because I worry about them but I know I don't want them peeing in the house either!!! Spoiled little cats!
  2. One thing that its important is to splurge a little. If you want something......eat it! Just try ordering half an order from a restaurant. If you want a piece of chocolate cake than have half of a slice. It's ok to eat what you want.....just don't go overboard!!! Part of self control is having what you want but knowing the right amounts to eat. Let us know what you did with the chocolate cake situation!!! Anything with chocolate......I just can't say NO!!!!
  3. MrsSparrow you could not be any more right!!! We just have to relax!!! Much easier said than done though. Sometimes the most frustrating part is having an idea and then executing it and it looks horrible or it just doesn't come out the way you want. That seems to be the case with EVERYTHING I have been doing lately. GRRRR!!!!
  4. because I just don't think I can take all the STRESS anymore. Who knew that these little planning details could make someone rip there hair out!!! I hate to say this but a part of me can't wait for this to be over with so I don't have to think about all this planning anymore!!!! 19 more day!!!
  5. Thanks girls for the advice!! I definitely know that these dry erase boards will not blow away but there will be extra pens and an eraser along with a card explaining what to do with the dry erase boards. Those things will probably blow away. After thinking so very long and hard about this I went to every store possible to see what I could find. I tried all the dollar stores in my area and there were baskets but not one's that I REALLY liked. I went to Shopko and they were having a HUGE sale on baskets. Each basket was on sale from $12 to $3. YAYYYY!!! I FINALLY found what I was looking for at a great price! Thank you so much for all your help girls! I LOVE this website!
  6. Ok girls here is the story.......We are having our reception on the beach and plan on providing dry erase boards with cameras for our guest book. We would like to put a dry erase board and camera on each table. Where we are having the reception does get windy at night time. To cover our bases I am wanting to maybe buy cute baskets, fill them up with sand and then stick everything inside the baskets, therefore, things will be less likely to blow away. I can't find any baskets I like that aren't $15 a piece. I just don't want to buy 6 baskets for that much......I am being cheap about this!!! So......... then I got the idea of buying beach pals and spray painting them in our colors. This would be a cheap idea but it might look too cheap. Does anyone see what I am saying? Our centerpieces are 2 cylinder vases filled with sand and a pink drowned flower. Next to the 2 cylinder vases will be small votive candle holders with tea lights in them. If anyone can just imagine what I am talking about and help me figure out if the beach pails would be too cheap looking with the centerpieces I would be sooooo very greatful!!! I might be too picky also......I just need another brides help!!!! Thanks ladies!!! I can always count on you girls!
  7. I am struggling with some ideas for centerpieces. I had a great idea of putting the pink diamond confetti on the tables with pink flowers in vases filled with coffee beans. I love this idea but we are having the reception ON the beach and it can get windy at night. So........my initial centerpiece idea is out. BTW.....our colors are chocolate brown and light pink. I LOVE the pink diamond confetti for the tables but I am concerned that they will blow off the table. So now I am back to square one trying to figure out what to do. I was thinking of keeping the coffee beans with pink flowers in a vase idea and maybe for more light finding square smaller vasses and filling them up with water and then filling the bottom up with the pink diamond confetti and let a LED tea light candle float on top. That way there is a little more light on the tables. Then I would put the flowers and coffee beans in the middle with the two water filled vases on each side. What do you think? Does this even make sense? I just don't want things to be flying off the tables and want to have all my bases covered. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks girls!
  8. Oh this is great.....I had no idea that shimmery make-up washes you out in pictures. Damn!!! I love shimmery make-up too! When it gets closer to the date I am going to do a make up session at MAC. MAC can be expensive so I think I will just get the foundation and stuff there and get similar eye shadow at a less expensive place. Oh and the lipstick too!
  9. Vikki- I just realized I never PM'ed you back!!! I am so sorry girl! Let's chat sometime and maybe get a drink and talk about the stress of planning a wedding!!!!
  10. Thanks so much ladies!!! I didn't even think if going to MAC or Sephora. Silly me! That's why I have you girls to help me. I will definitely do something like that. It makes tons of sense and I LOVE MAC!!!!
  11. So I am trying to save some $$ and am considering doing my own make-up. I am pretty good at doing my own so that's why I thought I could save a little extra money in this department. My problem is that I don't know what colors I should use and how I should go about applying my make-up. I usually wear brown tones.....brown shimmery eye shadow and brown eyeliner on the top and the bottom with mascara. The wedding colors are light pink and chocolate brown. Does anyone have any inspiration pics or ideas. I would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks girls!!!!!
  12. I am interested in the photo albums......are they still available?
  13. My mouth dropped when you said you were going to the tanning beds again!!!! Good one! I am glad to hear your feeling better. I have very fair skin too and I totally understand wanting to get a base before you go somewhere like Mexico. I have also tried the tanning beds and I was just not impressed. I just don't think they are for fair skinned ladies like ourselves! Your going to be a beautiful bride....just make sure you wear lots of high SPF when your down there. Keep us updated when they go away!
  14. I can't believe you are going through this right now!!! The things that happen to constantly test our patience!!! You will be FINE! It's probably an allergic reaction. How long have you been tanning? Is it something you have always done regularly or are you new to it? How often do you try new products or even try tanning products at all? I'm gonna put my money on the tanning beds or the lotion you used. Those lotions can be so harsh sometimes. Do you have sensitive skin? You haven't started using a new laundry detergent have you? You are so funny.....I would have freaked myself out googling too.....but I would have done it anyway!! LOL Keep us updated on what is going on. Don't panic because it might make it worse and you might get hives from stress. Take deep breathes and no matter what happens it's YOUR special day and you get to share it with the one you love!!!
  15. Awww sweetie I am soooooo sorry. This is such a horrible thing but remember this (even though it might be so hard to do right now!).......it doesn't matter the location. The only thing that matters is that you and your FI have each other. With that being said I know that does not make the sting feel any better. I have to tell you a story that I am still having difficulty with but I am finding it easier as each day passes. I will be graduating this month with my B.A. in Elementary Education and because of this wonderful economy I do not know if there will be any teaching jobs out there for me. More than likely there will not be. Education has taken such a huge lose On top of this my FI is a draftsman for an engineering company and his hours have been cut. That being said it is making it extremely difficult to try and finance a wedding in Cabo San Lucas when, at this point, we are living pay check to pay check. So I have had to cancel my dreams of a Destination Wedding to Mexico. We live in Boise, Idaho so we thought about just having our wedding on the Oregon Coast and then doing a dinner reception. We will then honeymoon in Cabo. Not exactly what I wanted to do but sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do. Maybe in a couple of years you and your FI can renew your vows wherever you had planned on getting married. Remember all of your planning ideas and just do them then. My thoughts are with you and please let us know how you are doing and keep us informed with your Vegas plans!!! You are going to have a beautiful wedding wherever the location . Keep your head up and remember........sometimes you have to have bad days to make the good one's that much better!!!!
  16. Hi girls- I don't really have doubts but I worry a lot. That's my personality though......I worry about EVERYTHING. You just never know where your life will take you but you are always in control of YOUR actions. The one thing I have had a hard time with is realizing that we are going to disagree and have arguments. It's normal!!! Sometimes my FI drives me so crazy and I worry that we will never see eye to eye on a few issues. Who knows if we ever will but I do know that it's not worth losing my best friend over. We do what we have to in order to make our relationship work for the both of us. Marriage is not easy but when you step back and think of the loss of losing the love of your life.......it makes working together a much easier decision
  17. Itsfinallyhere- thank you so much for the advice. It's nice to know someone can relate to me about baby mama drama!!! I wish my FI would call the medical people to talk with them about the bill but he won't. He will think it will be a waste of time and he would rather just pay for it!!!! SEE WHY I AM PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!! It is stated in the divorce degree that he has to pay 50% of medical bills. Not to mention my FI pays for his sons medical insurance. It's just crazy!!! I don't quite understand how we could call and let them know we will not have money to cover the out of pocket costs. Will they just say Ok don't worry about it or what happens? I have never heard of doing that before. Get back to me when you can!!! Thanks girls!
  18. Thank you girls soooo much for the support and advice We have my FI son half off the time so we knew about the surgery through his son. What really pissed us off was that she has already scheduled everything before even talking to my FI. My FI hates confrontation......especially with his ex. He feels that they have a son together and he should just keep the water calm for his son. I totally agree but at the same time I feel you should stand up for yourself when you feel something is not right. She walks all over him because she can......he allows it because he views the bigger picture as I am not going to have turmoil with my sons mother. I almost choked on my carrot when I read about someone paying 24K for a dress!!! WTF? My mom is going to pay for the dress and his mom is going to pay for his attire so that's covered. To cut back I was thinking of not having a photographer and just learning about our digital cameras and having someone take pics. We can always take them to a photographer here in Boise and have them retouch stuff. So there's a $1000 gone. Then instead of the Riu Palace I was thinking the Riu Santa Fe. It's a little less expensive and they have a free wedding package if a certain amount of guests stay at the resort. Also, we were originally planning on staying for 10 days but I think I might cut that down to 7. I don't really care about a super extravegent wedding. I just want something memorable for both of us and our families. I am totally ok with simple and easy. I was planning on doing a lot of DIY stuff for centerpeices and even my own bouquet. Thank you again!!! I love this forum!! You girls are the best
  19. I don't even know where to begin. Ok lets start with my FI has a son with his ex wife. She is a nightmare. Basically my FI pays $400 in child support a month and we have his son 50/50. His ex-wife is remarried to a man who has money coming out of his ears and she doesn't have to work or anything (the life right). Anyway, my FI son had his tonsils taken out recently. She didn't even have any sort of conversation with my FI about doing this. My FI found out from his son. So now she has given us half of the bill for the procedure which is $600. I am so mad because she doesn't this shit all the time. I have no problem with my FI paying half. I understand his son is his responsibility but I am so frusterated because his ex wife didn't even consider his FATHER in the decision making process. On top of everything my FI is now wondering if we should have a destination wedding because of costs. I am graduating in May with my B.A. in Elementary Education and because of the economy I don't know if I will have a job or not. My FI thinks we should pay our debt off and look to purchase a house right now because it's a good time to do so. I completely think it's the logical thing to do but I want to get married in Cabo. I have always wanted to get married on the beach. I am so torn because he says it might take us 3 or 4 years to have the wedding I want. I don't want to be engaged for 3 or 4 years!!!! I am just so frusterated and sad. He doesn't get it!!!! Thanks for letting me vent!
  20. We aren't doing a buffet. We will probably rent out the Mexican Terrace from 8-11 and do an IPOD for dancing and stuff. I have heard the Mexican Terrace is BEAUTIFUL. I don't really know if I trust a DJ in Mexico. I am just so picky when it comes to music that I want certain things played....plus....it's cheaper and we are definitely on a budget!!! On tripadvisor I always here that the food is not very good? Is that true? I am soooo not a picky eater but I have just heard it a lot. Is this true? Hope your having a great week!!!!
  21. All great ideas-thank you! I will have to contact the Riu and find out of there is any "deals" they can make with us if we sign a contract during our site visit!! I will look into it more.......thanks so much
  22. Thanks girls- I am "big boned" and I am very muscular. I also have curves, big boobs and a butt to match!!! I am happy I am not a stick figure but as much as the scale says!?!?!?! I think I might just stop relying on a scale!!!
  23. I have been hiking a lot lately for about an hour. I am wondering if anyone knows about how many calories I should be eating when I am doing moderate exercise? I am about 185 pounds and 5'3''. That's the other thing.........I weigh a lot more than I look!!! Why is this? Can people have denser (I don't even know if that's a word) than others? I just don't get it!!!! Thanks girls.....I can come to you for ANYTHING!!!
  24. My FI and I have been to Cabo before but we have not been to the Riu Palace where we plan on getting married. We are thinking about maybe taking a site visit but because we are so tight with money it might not be possible. Does anyone know if you go down for a site visit if they give you any sort of discount?
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