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  1. That is horrible!!!! What company did you use? My future MIL is a travel agent and of course is doing our wedding but I would be more than happy to give her a call to see if she could help!!!!!
  2. Sounds a little funny to me too but I just learned that maybe you should; two of my bridesmaids asked me about them and I didn't really think of it. Then one finally confessed that another bride to be (surprise!) decided to "throw" a wedding in 4 months....with my bridal party. I sent them out to appease eveyone but I still thought it was a little weird!! =)
  3. I would check online to see if you could find a program that could make it Microsoft compatible. I agree with the other poster about possibly printing them yourself....I lucked out yesterday and picked up a color laser for more than 50% off (Office Depot).
  4. I love your custom sticker idea! They look great! I'm a little nervous attempting this myself but this looks great!!!
  5. I just tested some card stock that I have and found I couldn't use the 110#, the rest of the posters have great ideas for using Kinko's though. I did not think I could bring paper there!
  6. Ac311


    My name is Angie; I'm getting married on 09/25/09 in the Bahamas at the Breezes resort. I'm still trying to figure out what kind of invitations I want but would welcome any ideas!!! Thanks! Angie
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