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  1. ok, here is my review! I am still waiting on the professional pictures from Paulina Ulloa! I did the barefoot package and me and all my guests spent the day at caletas.IT was truly a dream come true! I got over to the marina at 830 am and met Kelley who is so sweet! Brad was already on the boat and we headed over on the boat with all the day trippers. Kelley met us over there later and even picked up a bag of candy for me to add to my favor bags! When we got to caletas brad took us up to the bridal suite which is so beautiful! We had fresh fruit and champagne waiting for us. We went down to the beach for a couple of hours and just hung out and enjoyed each others company. I went up the the casita and we spent time in the hot tub drinking champagne and just talking before it was time for lunch..Lunch was at 1 and let me tell you, after we had lunch the day FLEW by! After lunch I had to go take a shower and Fernando was waiting on me when I got out of the shower. He did a half up, half down hairstyle and he rocks! I loved my hair and make-up! He was worth every penny! Then it was an hour to showtime and I started freaking out! I still needed to put on my nails and my dress and my photographer (paulina Ulloa) has just shown up and she was also great to work with! I can’t wait to see my pictures of the wedding and TTD session the next day. While I was getting my hair and make-up done the guys went kayaking! Then it was time for the ceremony. The day trippers had left for the day and the ROTN crowd had not shown up yet so it was just us! I walked down the path from the casita and my step father was waiting on me..Kelley went to play the music and I wanted to walk down the aisle to the Hawaiian “somewhere over the rainbow†we tested it out 100 times before I went to caletas and it played fine..Well it wouldn’t play at the ceremony! So I had to choose another song at the last minute..I could have been bummed about this but I decided to not let it get to me and Im glad I did..so I ended up walking down the aisle to smile by uncle cracker haha..at the end of the day it was all ok! After the ceremony we took more pictures and Kelley set up the reception area..It was beautiful! We just hung out and danced the night away until it was time to go back at 10 pm..it all flew by way too fast and I wish Icould just push re wind and live it all over again!! Oh and I also sprained my ankle the night before and had a touch of food poisoning! It was still a dream come true even with the quirks!
  2. Well Im back! I am working on my review but let me just say WOW!! it was everything I could have dreamed of and then some! Kelley is amazing to work with..we had a few snags in the ceremoney but it was still magical! Review and pics to follow!
  3. I used her for my march 29th wedding and TTD and she and Marcela, her assistant, were so amazing to work with..I cant wait to see my pictures!
  4. Well Im leaving on friday!! Thank you all so much for all the help and advice you have given me over the last year!! I will report back when I return..Think of me on monday march 29th!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by ldeavila Hello Ladies! Ok, so I'm trying to come up with my final number of guests attending and i'm wondering do we include the bride and groom in the final count? yes! I asked Kelley that myself and you do have to include yourself and any outside photographer, videographer, etc..
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by cupishalfempty On the first page it has prices but they are from 2007, anyone know if these are still accurate? If they aren't could somebody please send me an updated price list. Thanks if you pm me your email I will send you the list i have for this year
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi me too just making a side note that is funny! well that must mean you are getting closer then! when do you leave? how is packing going?! who is your photog? maybe there is a blog i can stalk! I leave next friday March 26th!! packing is a work in progress! I am using Paulina ulloa as my photog for ceremoney and TTD..I dont have a blog.. I wish I would have started one during this process!
  8. I had another nightmare that i just had to share with you guys! I dreamed we were all at caletas and the shower didn’t work and I was trying to get ready so I had to bathe in the ocean. Then the tables were all set up and some crazy person with a jeep runs into the cake table and the cake topples in the sand! Then it was already 7 pm and Fernando didn’t show up to do my hair and make-up yet so the ceremony had not even started so I went to the bar and asked for a tequila shot and they did not have tequila so I settled for a lemonade but there was no alcohol at all at caletas..Fernando finally shows up but I forgot my money to pay him so I sent my uncle (who is not even coming to the wedding) back to PV on a canoe and my atm card would not work in Mexico!! I was exausted when I woke up!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by butterfly4kathy2 Oh yeah! I didnt mean to sound like "she takes forever" because she is awesome about getting back to me. Usually within the same week, but my date is still less than 2 months away. She is busy busy busy but you would never be able to tell!!! i knew what you meant.I was just making a side note:) your date is approaching! isnt this exciting! Im going out of my mind with excitement/anxiety!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi Also too in regards to Kelly taking a bit long to respond.... Remember she is now the only coordinator (as far as I am aware they did not yet hire another to replace Nicole) and on average I think they are doing at least 3-4 weddings per week so of course taking care of those brides who are just days away is the most important. If you are inquiring about a 2011 date or a date that is months away, yes it probably will take a bit longer to get a response. Just be patient, dont worry as your wedding gets closer you will have Kelly's full attention! thats right andi! she usually responds to my emails by the next day if not the same day now that I am days away..when my date was still months away it would take her 3-4 days which is still not bad! She is awewome!
  11. Im doing the barefoot package and staying all day and I am still having a reception..were not going to the show though..the only thing is we dont get the dance floor set up, we will just dance in the sand
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by tvt i think he always had his own salon... which was part of the reason he was spendy - because he had to shut down his salon for a day to go out to LC for the day to do a brides hair. yea-I heard that too..He will be doing my hair and make-up in less than 3 weeks! I will report back how he did
  13. Paulina Ulloa is my photographer and she lives in PV..you can google her website-she does amazing work and not as expensive as some of the other photographers.
  14. Hi everyone! am I next?!! Yikes!! I booked my photog finally! paulina Ulloa and added 3 bags of petals for the aisles and the ties for the chairs! they are only 1.50 for each tie! I also added 2 cylinders filled with limes for decoration.. I cant belive the time is finally sneaking up on me! Ileave friday March 26th and I promise to take lots of pics!
  15. good luck on your upcoming wedding! thanks for posting about the playlist-I am working on mine now and was wondering the same thing! I love this site!
  16. Im just doing the barefoot package so their not included..Its $30.00 to add them. I would like a formal cocktail hour for my guest while were off doing pictures so I think they would be a nice touch..I will add them, thanks ladies!
  17. Did anyone get the passed hors d ourvres tray? If so, was it good? I was thinking of adding 1 tray to be passed while DH and I are doing pics so my guests can have a "cocktail hour"..There is so much food for the reception though Im not sure if it would be worth it..
  18. Just curious Jennifer, did you ever get your pics? I hope so!
  19. im starting to work on the OOT bags..Im thinking of actual beach bags...Wings has some cute straw like ones
  20. Hi Matcek! you are right after me! Im getting so excited but starting to get those jitters now...I know everything will be perfect though! the time flew by I cant belive Im less than 2 months away
  21. LC and the Rhythms show is amazing! I did the ROTN show and on the way back there was one pamplet on the boat just sitting on the bar for adventure wedddings, the rest is history....
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