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  1. We had our rehersal dinner at la fondue...amazing!! very quiet atmosphere and food was great. One of my regrets that day was not pinning pieces of my hair down...wind was crazy...if its windy, make sure you pin some of the top pieces down, you can cross them over and use a fancy pin.
  2. Hi Amanda, Â her are my answers: 1. flowers were floramatique from a lady in Oakville, ON, cake was chosen at the resort...they have tonnnes of options 2. i burned cd's for the whole thing...pre-ceremony, aisle, post ceremony and reception, dancing etc. the coordinator controlled it at the ceremony and dj during the reception. 3.dj was great, i just burnt cd's, he played them and then mixed in guest requests. Â
  3. I would definitely do the beach reception...i had the same thoughts and debated changing my mind also...very happy with the beach reception and the guests loved it...so different then typical veranda/indoor setting.
  4. Samcalv 1, i used Photographer- Citilalli Rico from Claudia's Team: http://www.claudiaphoto.com/photo/
  5. Hello Ladies, Â Although this is a little overdue, i did receive lots of help from this site when making my choices so i feel obligated to share my experience with you all. I will keep it short and simple but if you have further questions about the resort/wedding there feel free to pm me and i will respond back to you. Â Resort- The resort itself is huge...i mean massive. In hindsight i wish i would have went a bit smaller as our 40 guests were a bit scattered throughout the week, and even though we chose the lobby bar as a meeting point it was hard to get all guests there. I did chose this resort because our elderly grandparents came on the trip and i thought it would be good to choose a place that had everything under one roof so they didnt have to leave the resort. The only down side to this is there is a tonne of walking, and in the heat this was a bit difficult for my grandparents so they spent a lot of time in their room. If this is something that sounds familiar to you...choose a smaller resort to minimize walking and to keep the group together. IF this is not a concern for you then go for it! Â Restaurants- due to its massive size all of the restaurants were understaffed when we were there (July 1, 2010), and although a la cartes were "booked up" if you went to one anyway you would see that half the restaurant was empty. We had a bit of frustration with the buffets as well...the Riviera side would have someone stand at the door and say- please go to the Sunset side as we are full, yet when you peer into the window half the tables would be empty. I found this to be the biggest annoyance for me, i am used to going to resorts and having no problems going into the buffet or minimal difficulties with booking a la cartes. Â Other than these two things, we had nothing else to complain about. Physically the resort is stunning, rooms are great, food is good (lots of Americanized food, if that is what you look for), Fondue a la carte is fantastic, lots to see and do on the resort. Market on the beach, lots of beach chairs, pool parties, quiet areas, entertainment, weekly resort evening market..etc. The beach itself is amazing, large, clear, warm, blue water. Â Wedding Coordinator- Our wedding coordinator was Sandra, she was great to work with. We did have a few small glitches but overall our day was perfect. Everything went smoothly. One piece of advice, before your wedding take your bridal party down to the gazebo (if using it) and show them where to stand as most of my girls were hidden behind gazebo posts in the photos. Also, we had our ceremony at 4pm, we asked our guests to arrive at 3:30...bad idea...super hot....3:45 is plenty of time for them to arrive and take their seats. Â Private Beach Party- We opted for the private beach party and the only thing I would have changed was to ask if we could pay to keep it going until 11pm. The decor was great, food was fantastic, music was played as we wished, did speaches at the head table,...everything was incredible. Worth every penny!! Â After the beach party we headed to the disco. All and all a great week, all of our guests loved it and many said they would go back there. Â Thanks to all the ladies who answered my questions and helped me make some tough decisions!! xo
  6. Hello Ladies,  I recently got married at Grand Riviera Princess Resort in the Mayan and was extremely happy with my wedding photos and video. The photographer I chose from Claudia's team was Citlalli Rico, who was a pleasure to work with. Feel free to click on the link to see my photos: http://citlallirico.myshowit.com/_shellybartek/index.html  You can see more of her work and work of the other photographers at: http://www.claudiaphoto.com/photo/  Although her packages are a little bit on the higher end, photography and video was the most important to me, as once the big day flys by that is what you have to remember it by.  Video was done by Claudias husband Mike Cantarell. I absolutely loved our video. You can ask Claudia for any pricing details and video details you may need, she is very quick to respond...one thing i do recommend is booking very quickly, at the time of our engagement, i tried to book Claudia for our wedding day and she was already booked for our day over 9 months in advance. My big advice, as soon as you know where you are going and when your wedding day is book your photographer and videographer.  If you would like to see the videographer work they have recently added a facebook page under Cancun Wedding Video and i think they are a sponsor on this website.  Enjoy the photos and happy planning!  Shelly
  7. Hello Ladies, Â I recently got married at GRP this past July 1st and would love to share my information as this website was extremely helpful for me. I will be posting a full review of the resort and wedding day in the review section...not sure exactally where but I will find out. As for photographers, i did a tonne of research as photo and video were most important to me. In the end I ended up choosing a member of Claudia Rodriguez's team- Citlalli Rico. Her main website page is http://www.claudiaphoto.com/photo/ and if you would like to see my photos here is a link to my slideshow: http://citlallirico.myshowit.com/_shellybartek/index.html. I did initially try to book Claudia but she was booked at that time so i went with another one of her teammates. Citlalli was amazing!!! My video was also incredible...done by Claudias husband Mike. Email me if you would like to see the video, but Claudia can also send you a link to his website to see his work. Â As for the resort, everything was good, rehersal dinner at la fondue was amazing...best dinner of the week and we tried almost all a la cartes...definitely a great experience, one our familes wont forget. Â For the wedding as you can see from the photos we went with the private beach party and this was worth every penny. The only think i wish i could have done was tried to pay a bit more for an additional hour of dancing on the beach but had too much wine and forgot to ask for this the day off. Another thing to remember is although the sun sets later on...it sets quickly so try and get everything done before that happens. Â If you have any further questions feel free to email me through the site. Enjoy!! Â Ms C.
  8. I totally hear your frustrations ladies!! I have been asking around for pricing out of Toronto (usually less then the west coast) and the quotes i got back are crazy!! Im being told to wait until late summer for pricing to come out as well, and have also been told to shop around. That being said, its easy to just wait until late summer but the reality is the guests want to know now so they can start saving. When the day comes that you are able to book with 2010 pricing out can you PM me so i know when to start shopping or post a message here....i will do the same for all of you as well. Very frustrated!! Shelly
  9. Does anyone have info ie. costs, for Barcelo Maya Tropical??
  10. Food was OK, i have had better food in the Mayan though. Can't beat the weather in Hualtco.
  11. Still nothing better interms of pricing for 2010. If you could PM me your travel agents info that would be a great help...im pretty frustrated right now as nothing seems to be working out for us. Quote: Originally Posted by annieanddaryl Ms_Burns, did you get more reasonable prices for your packages? We were getting about the same prices as BrideNov2009. Let me know if you wanted our Travel Agent's info. We're in Toronto also.............
  12. I have been to Las Brisas. The resort property is very large so if you have older guests...not a good idea. It is also an older property and unless you get the suites it wont look like the room on the website. I would definately only go there if you were going to stay in the oceanview suites. Nightlife was also not that great...older crowd, but if you dont mind that you will find the property quiet and relaxing. Any other questions feel free to ask. Shelly
  13. Hi Ladies, After reading all of your posts, I havent seen anything about pricing for this resort. I am a Toronto Bride considering GR Sunset for Jan 2010. The quotes i am getting are very unreasonable...do you remember when you got your quotes prior to booking and what they were? Did you end up choosing the TA quotes in the end? Im really lost with this stuff and prices for wedding next year at 4-5 * resorts are over 2000.00 pp. Are the Canadian brides seeing the same trends?? You would think with the economy, prices would decrease? If you have any insight for me that would be great, either as a reply or PM. Thanks, Shelly
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