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  1. Hi JerseyBride Did they want to change both reception and ceremony or just reception? What location at the PPR were you scheduled to have each at? The Reserve is a beautiful location the only thing you won't have is the beach/palm trees in the background and i'm sure they'd have a beautiful setup for the reception. I've stayed at the Reserve, if you have any questions feel free to ask. You might want to try and get them to give you the open air Gabi Beach Restaurant location which they normally I believe 10k. Changing hotels will likely be hard and most of the good ones will be booked for that date by this time. Also, it would likely be difficult for guests to change their reservations without a penalty. My guess is this likely was nothing to do with the Romance Department and they will still give you an amazing wedding. I would defintely push to get an extremely large discount and have them throw in some extras. Make the most out of this stressful situation.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by JerseyBride1981 Wow this sounds like an interesting way to let the folks back home who can't make it share the day. Have you asked you wedding coordinator at the hotel? I am surely going to ask mines! When I get an answer I will post. BTW getting married at the PPR on 5/22/10! Hey there JerseyBride, I'll be getting married at the PPR on 5/30/10 from New York but arriving to the resort 5/24/10 so I'm sure I'll see you around!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Lindsay521 Hi All, Thanks for your responses. I actually had my second call with Teresa yesterday and I decided on a simple and not too expensive centerpiece. We are going to get 3x5 inch square vases and fill them with about a dozen to a dozen and a half dark orange roses (which match my bridesmaid dresses). We are also going to put about 8 tea lights on each table. We also have place cards we are putting on the tables which are small seashells that have a slit in them where we are putting the actual card with the name which is pretty as well and we have our gifts which are nicely wrapped in a box with a bow. So between all of this I think the tables are going to look pretty full and pretty, I can't wait to see how it all looks! Just wondering, what are you giving as your gift?
  4. you also might want to try sites like orbitz or cheapcarribean.com. those sites often buy blocks of rooms so they might have some for your dates. I know it's not going through your travel agent but at least your people will get rooms at the resorts
  5. When I went in august for my site inspection we stayed via my future in-laws RCI timeshare at the Reserve at Paradisus Palma Real. it was $120/day pp as Jennifer mentions and you definitely get to use all the amenities of both sections of the resort. I was just going to book a room through whatever online site i found the cheapest but this ended up saving a couple of hundred (if not more) as we only payed $240/day for the two of us. Not sure if this is a negative for you but via RCI the stay is normally Saturday - Saturday for 7nights.
  6. I believe the Palladium is a 4 resort complex (3 are for everyone and 1 is adults only) have you looked at all the resorts in the complex? I believe if you stay at one you can use all amenities (except for the adults only resort but the adults only resort can use the other 3 resort facilities). Destination Punta Cana. Dominican Republic. The Royal Suites, Grand Palladium. Fiesta Hotel Group
  7. they check your bags for it at the punta cana airport as well
  8. Hi Lovely WHere did you hear that from? I received a mail from Noelia from the PPR yesterday on the same topic, for guests not staying at the PPR it is only $24pp to get them on the site.
  9. My fiance and I are getting married there May 30, 2010. We had to give a $200 deposit (the amount probably changed), they were able to give us a credit card authorization form which we emailed directly to the romance coordinator. We found that to give us the most security as we can always fight something wrongfully billed.
  10. Hi Violet Thanks for the review of DJ Mania, I am thinking if using him as well for my wedding at the PPR next May. When you have time can you please also post a review of your wedding and time at the Palma Real? Thanks!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Outdoor_girl1010 What she told me was that the "New Aqua package" will have the Aqua bows. The old Aqua package does not include the aqua colored bows. She told me that one of the main reason they change the Aqua package was because of the chairs and the white lines don't look very crips anymore. Because like anything that gets use and wash over time won't look brand new. I think everything depends on the on which package you are trying to get. I do know they won't let you pick one thing from the old packet and put it with the new that type of thing with out a cost. Let me know if you have anymore question and I will try and help. Jennifer Do you know what the 2010 Aqua Centerpiece is going to be?
  12. Hi All Just a tip (if calling from the US), if you call the Sol Melia (Paradisus' Parent company) Miami office (305) 350-3828 and I belive hit option 4 (that's the group sales dept) you will normally get a live person. They are helpful and friendly and just ask them to connect you to the PPR Romance department and they will be happy to (I've at least never had any problems). This way you don't have to pay the ridiculous international fees. Jesse
  13. I just got a email from Teresa (head of the romance dept for all paradisus resorts) and she said the same thing that Viloet said, Viviana is definitely no longer working there. If you did get a call/email from Viviana make sure she was not working with another hotel (that she didn't take her address book with her when she left) and trying to get you to go there.
  14. Hi From my talks with Viviana, they will let you do pretty much anything you want if you want to pay for it. I also received a price sheet from her yesterday about the photo packages offered by their house photographer. If anyone would like i'd be happy to send to you (it's too large to post).
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