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    Sanctuary Cap Cana??

    I actually have been looking at Sanctuary Cap Cana as well along with Casa Colonial. Did you happen to find out anything about it. I received information from the wedding rep today but have not had a chance to speak with her yet. Erin
  2. dr2b0804... how did your wedding go? did you have trouble getting the wedding coordinator to reply to you? Did everything go smoothly? Do you have any pictures? Hope you had a wonderful time
  3. thank you so much... I have heard very good things about it but just not anything about weddings. The resort looks very promising though. It is at the top of my list.
  4. that is awesome information.. thank you so much. As far as the private function, I was under the impression from what the wedding coordinator told me that it was included in the package. Is it not? All my guests will be staying there. Have you seen any pictures of the locations and decorations?
  5. Has anyone booked with Le Blanc Spa & Resort or has anyone gotten married there? Any information would be fantastic, Thanks
  6. DWbride2010

    Newbie Post

    Hello, My name is Erin. I am looking to have my wedding in February of 2010. We are still deciding on where it will be.