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    Beaches Negril Brides - Post here!!

    Thanks Amanda! I did not use a TA because we booked ourselves and then only invited our 2 families. They are trying to change to a Riu that will be closer, but they made their reservations on a different site where they made a bid and it was accepted so they got a discounted rate. So if they switch they think that they may have to pay the difference between what they paid and what the resort typically charges. I will have to ask them if they called and what they found out.Thanks for everthing!!
  2. Ash&Grant2009

    Beaches Negril Brides - Post here!!

    Ya, we originally booked at Sandals and were set on not inviting anyone and just having a romantic week to ourselves...then the guilt set in. My future mother-in-law asked if she could be there to see her 1st son get married and what was I going to say? I just did not want to have to deal with explaining that we didn't want them there. so we decided to just invite a few very close family members and I thought it would still be easy since we are at an all-inclusive. The she started asking a million questions and so we ended up changing resorts and everything! I love her but I think im a little bitter b/c now I am not truly having my dream wedding...I don't think I will even be able to afford a photography package
  3. Bedroom Eyes Studio of Kent,Ohio Boudoir and glamour photgraphy/Unique wedding gift Never inserted a link before so hopefully this is ok!! I don't think that she would do us all as a group because I was originally going to go with my sister to do our BD shoots together (she is getting married 3 months before me!) but when I asked about it she suggested that we do them seperate days because the shoots last so long. She said she really likes to take the time to make every shot perfect and while it would be okay to bring someone for support, she didn't really want us doing them the same day.
  4. Ash&Grant2009

    Beaches Negril Brides - Post here!!

    Some of my guests had already booked at Riu in Mo Bay( we were originally having our wedding at Sandals Mo Bay) and now they are stuck with it since they already paid at a discounted rate. They had booked there since they had a child and couldn't stay at Sandals. I wish they hadn't booked so early without talking to me my side of the family has yet to book anything, but they are somewhat closed minded and I don't think they want to stay at Beaches( I know... weird!) It all seems like such a mess sometimes since we have changed evrything so much! Kinda stressing over bringing family along and we are starting to wish we had just eloped on our own-which is what we wanted originally.
  5. I have this dress for my sisters wedding in September in the same color (I am MOH)!! It is beautiful and fits everyone in the bridal party well and we all have different body types. Great dress!
  6. Ash&Grant2009

    Beaches Negril Brides - Post here!!

    Hi Kristen! Your wedding is only about a month after mine! I will have to tell you how everything goes when the time finally comes! That is awesome that u qualify for the Familymoon package! Those little extras sound awesome and I'm sure it will be nice for your family members.Im only having about 11 guests and they are not staying at any Sandals or Beaches resorts. That reminds me of a Question I have for you all! Since my guests are not staying at the resort, they will need day passes to get in, which are like $85pp. I really feel like we should pay for their passes since they traveled all that way just for us, but that will be almost $1000 dollars! We are on a very tight budget and if we pay the 1000$ then we will not be able to afford any photography and I really want to do a TTD shoot($800). Any suggestions or opinions would be great! Thanks!
  7. Yay!! i am so excited that there are other Ohio brides! Thanks everyone for the help! I ended up finding one studio that I really like-and has AMAZING prices. I am in Columbus, but travel to Kent a lot so I am thinking of using BedroomEyes(in Kent). I spoke to Jen, the photographer and she said she would do a 3 hour shoot with I think 3-4 outfit changes and hairstyling included for $150!!! Then you can buy a high resolution cd of your shoot for only $35 which she said usually has 300-500 images!I think this also includes 2 retouched prints. I love her pics and I cannot pass up the deal! I plan to use Snapfish or one of those sites to make my book then. She does offer a package with the book included for $350 i think which includes all of the above, plus more retouched prints. Marathon sounds fun! i just don't know if it would be able to beat her deal... what do u all think?
  8. Ash&Grant2009

    Beaches Negril Brides - Post here!!

    Sorry I forgot to ask something! I love your wedding cake in your picture! Is that the free cake that they offer, with your added topper and flowers? I really want flowers on my cake but dont want to spend a ton-- were yours an upgrade and how much is it to do that? I was thinking about just bringing my own fake flowers( I'm making my own bouquet, too). And sorry, but one more Q! lol. if i were having the ceremony on the beach, is there any sort of arch or anything that they have there for free? I think I've heard people say that the arches are all extra?
  9. Ash&Grant2009

    Beaches Negril Brides - Post here!!

    Thanks for letting me know!! My wedding is going to be on Monday, December 14th. I was thinking about the Mill, but my absolute ideal would be a dinner on the beach! So we may be able to have our dinner on the beach for free!? That would be amazing!!!
  10. Ash&Grant2009

    Beaches Negril Brides - Post here!!

    Yay! I am now a Beaches Negril Bride! I just made the decision to switch from Sandals Montego Bay. Now I will spend 3 nights at Beaches Negril and 3 nights at Sandals Ocho Rios. SO EXCITED!! So I was wondering if there is anyway around the "no reservations" thing at the restaurants or if its possible to just take my wedding guests there for dinner. I think I am opting for the $15pp reception b/c I just can't bring myself to pay more for food when this is an all-inclusive! SO, what do you all think...Can I take about 13 people to one of the restaurants and still have a decent time?
  11. It wouldn't let me PM you again...says your box is full. But do you not have the bridal bouquet shown above? And would you be willing to split it up? I may just need a bouquet and bout.
  12. Ash&Grant2009

    Sand Ceremony Vase... So unique

    Wow! I love both of those options! Now I can't decide if i want a vase or a picture frame. I love the venus vase but I worry about traveling with it. I wouldn't want it to break or spill...how do you plan to take it? I also love the colors of sand on that website! They are shimmery, which i LOVE! So cute. Thanks!
  13. Ash&Grant2009

    TTD Dunn's River Falls

    I love your pictures! I just wanted to share my choice for TTD photographers. Brian Nejedly at Briandesign.com has beautiful pictures. He will email you extra samples from different locations you may be thinking about. I'm not sure what is a "good" price for this but he is $800 for his TTD package. Since I do not plan on buying many pics from the resort, I do not mind spending $800 on these beautiful pics! He sounds very nice! Anyone used him before?
  14. Hi everyone! I was planning on getting married at Sandals MoBay on Dec.14( rooms booked!) and it was going to just be the two of us... Now we decided to invite our close family members, which includes 2 kids(including my own 17 month old). I have no idea what to do now!!! My fiances family already booked in MoBay at a different resort that was close to Sandals. Now we are thinking about taking our son because we would feel bad leaving him with a sitter for a week. Obviously we are not allowed to take him to Sandals with us, but we could transfer to Beaches in Negril(either one). 2 Big problems with this: 1-I already had Vista Print make a bunch of hats, t-shirts, postcards, magnets,etc. with MoBay on it and now I would have to start over on OOT bags 2-His family booked in MoBay, which is 90minutes away Any advise/help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I want a romantic honeymoon, but I also want my son there so Im torn! And I feel bad about his family booking 90minutes away! Should I just suck it up and continue planning at Sandals!? HELP!
  15. Ash&Grant2009

    The cups are here!!!!

    I just got my cups today! So cute, I love them! Thanks so much for taking charge of this! U rock!