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  1. Hello Back in Feb when I started planning my wedding I was seriousy looking at the RIU's unfortunally you needed to book several rooms to get the free package. Without the free package it was going to cost $800.00. I started looking at couples. I thought if I am going to spend $800.00 I might as well stay at couples and put that 800 into the cost of the resort and take the free wedding package. I looked at many photos and was very happy with the looks of the wedding at couples. In the long run we decided to go with couples. It cost a little more then the RIU resorts to stay, but with everything that was included and the no tipping policy I figure we were not really going to spend a whole lot more then we did going to the 3 star ( we usually go to in Mobay) and tipping all week and also paying for the glass bottom boat trip, water sking, catamarane cruise, which all are included in the resorts cost! Getting married two weeks from today at CSA!!!
  2. We have a driver take us to his local grocery store when on a daytrip. It is a better price then gift shops, but not cheap. I think we paid $25.00 for a larger package. We then take it home and just drink it on Sunday mornings for something special! "yum"
  3. I booked the resort they had a great deal at the time, and waited for the air to go down. It took about 6 weeks before the air went down so then I booked that on Delta's web site. The hotel has only a $20.00 cancel fee I think 48 hours in advance! That was worth the risk to book!! Nice thing too is I didnt have to mess with travel insurance with that great cancel policy!
  4. Well read lots of reviews that is what I did! I also did the math and found with CSA giving you a free wedding it was worth paying more for the resort then for example RIU who wanted like $800.00. Personally I would rather put that $800.00 into staying at the nicer resort! Plus we really wanted to be on 7 mile beach.
  5. Wow 2 months! I keep hearing it takes forever!! Two months is not bad!!
  6. Hey we are getting married on the same day!! Will be married at Couples Sqwept Away at 3:00 on July 11th:)))
  7. My question is can you send a copy of the certificate you get on your wedding day to be added to your new husbands health insurance, change your Drivers License ect... or do you need to wait for the one to come in the mail. If you do how long does that taek
  8. Thanks all for the support. I think "I feel OK in the dress" It is others that say, oh you are wearing a "formal dress"?? My kids even say gee mom you are dressing like a 25 year old "bride" Then I second guess myself.
  9. I am really stressing about this dress thing. I first thought I would walk into a department store and find a nice beachy/ gauze dress and spend $75.00 and be done!! First off I have found nothing at all!!! Second the more photos I look at the more I see very formal type wedding dresses and think maybe I should step it up a bit!! Now I have found a long halter style dress from Davids Bridal, it is much more then I wanted in the first place, and cost three times as much also. This is a second wedding and I am 42! Should I even be wearing a dress like that Any advice, I am running out of time!!!
  10. Getting married Juoy 11th at couples. Wanting to get right on my new hubby's health insurance. (He has blue cross blue shield). Does anyone know if the insurnace company's will accept a wedding certificate from the resort or will we have to wait until the "legal" one comes in the mail. If so how long will that take
  11. Well I took my documents to my banker and to my surprise she said no she could not noterize the copy of my BC!! I then took the copy to someone else and she did it!! I sent it certified by mistake instead of registered so I hope that is not an issue!!! My notery just stamped it, but did not sign it so once again I hope this is accepted! Will find out soon as they should have recievd them yesterday!!!
  12. I emailed the resort yesterday and she told me the "copies" of the documents have to be noterized. went to the bank yesterday and my banker was a bit confused also because the BC was already noterized. I explained the original is noterized but this copy is not. Last post is correct they are noterizing it to say that the copy of it is true and you are who you are. Take your original with you to proove that you copied it or have the notary copy it for you. If your banker wont do it go to a different bank!!!
  13. I read and saw photos somewhere along the line of a sand ceramony. Thought it looked pretty neat. Im sure we need to bring our own vase, but what about the sand I would think the point of this is to pour the sand right from the beach you got married on into the jar but some of the photos I have seen had colored sand Any info on this??
  14. This question will be a long shot unless we have a lawyer on the forum but thought i would ask anyway! How do I sign my wedding certificate? I am divorced and plan to just use my name from my first hubby along with my new name until my son is graduated then drop that name and use the new hubbys name solo. For example jones-smith then after my sons is 18 drop the jones and just use smith. I dont want to have a bunch of legal fees in order to drop the name so do I sign just smith, but keep using the jones-smith?? I am thinking the way I sign it is going to be my "legal" name and I would have to pay to change that if I just ad my old last name to school stuff for my son ect... I then can just drop it whenever I choose Anyone know
  15. I printed out all the wedding info and it states a $200.00 fee (Money Order) Am I suppose to pay this upon arrival or do I mail it ahead with all that paper work
  16. Congrats cant wait to hear about your trip!!
  17. Looking at booking couples swept away. Wonder if you have to be there two days in advance to be able to get married if we arrive at 1:10 and dont get to the resort until oh maybe 4:00ish on a wed can we still get married at lets say 2:00 on a friday or does it have to be a full 48hrs?? What if flights are running late and we dont get to the resort until late and the wedding person is gone for the day then what? I really want to get married as soon as we can after getting there but not sure what date to book on the couples wedding calander.
  18. Thanks for the replies. I wonder if getting married at a resort is better with all this legal stuff then getting married off the resort on a private beach??
  19. OK so I just talked to a gal who got married in Mexico and she said in order for her wedding to be legal she would have had to have blood test and pay a $500.00 fee so they made it legal in the states first. I said well I was going to Jamaica. She said it took her friend a year and a half to get her legal documents from Jamaica. Do I need to be worried about this??
  20. Wow those are some GREAT photos!! Were these taken at Idle Awhile?? I have seen this resort and always thought it looked cute.
  21. tangles66


    Holy cow a year?? Geee I was thinking of booking a few months out with the little that I am in need of. Maybe I will have to go off a resort to get married
  22. tangles66


    Conrats Glenda. I am a newbie here too! What made you choose RIU Negril Just curious!! How far ahead did you book this? Will be getting married in Jamaica also just have not chosen a resort yet Mary
  23. tangles66

    Hello all

    Well I am thinking Negril may be the place for us! Probably an AI, but wont rule out the other options. I thought it would be much easier then this to choose a spot but this is torture!! Everytime I think maybe this resort will work I read something negative and start looking elsewhere!! How far ahead did you all plan all this. I am a last minute person, maybe I need to gt my butt in gear if I want to do this over the summer huh!!!
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