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    Any RIU Palace Aruba Brides???

    Thanks everyone for your help! Its funny because I just saw these responses now (a few months after my initial post). Â I didn't realize that I had responses!!! I guess I wasn't really checking my posts correctly! :-( Â I did finally get in touch with the RIU Palace and set a date for Monday May 9th 2011. Â It was very tough getting in touch with them....they are not very bride friendly....but...it was my FAVORITE place when we toured the hotels in February. Its just gorgeous....I got goosebumps when I first saw it and knew it was meant to be. Â We are getting married at the gazebo....so if there are sunbathers around you probably will not really see them. Plus....my photographer is amazing and I think he will do a good job capturing & editing his shots to ensure they will not be a problem. Â Does anyone have any information on DJ's, Videographers & a (non-hotel) planner? We are having our reception at the California Lighthouse and I would like a planner to help me with that? Â Jamie
  2. foops&smoops

    Newbie! - Aruba June 2011

    Hello Carrie, :-) Â Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the site! Â I'm getting married in Aruba at the Riu Palace on Monday May 9th 2011 Â Have you picked a place yet? Â I'm curious if you know any DJ's or Videographers? Its so tough getting in touch with them? Â Jamie
  3. foops&smoops

    Any RIU Palace Aruba Brides???

    Any updates on this? I am also considering the RIU but have not yet set the date. After searching around for several dfferent wedding venues/options/photogs....I feel that Aruba hasn't really gotton on the dw bandwagon!!! Pictures and feedback would be great!
  4. foops&smoops


    Hey girls!!!!!! Thanks for the warm welcome!!!!!! :-) I'm still trying to figure out how to use this site and its kinda confusing!!! lol In fact....I'm not even sure if I'm responding properly to all of you!!!! lol It's all trial and error........Plese bear with me!!!! :-) Any coaching tips would be great....lol Jamie
  5. foops&smoops

    Dreams Cancun - Contract!!!!

    Hey girl....thanks for getting back to me. :-) I'm still trying to learn how to navigate this site so please bear w/ me....its kinda confusing? lol I would love to hear about the little extras that you have to pay for? I'm very nervous about those kind of things. We haven't set a date or place yet....prob some time in 2010? Dreams Cancun is breathtaking. I'm very interested but price is everything at this point. I've read that they do not allow outside vendors...Photog's....DJ's to participate in their weddings and you have to use who they provide? I've also heard they are VERY pricy? I guess I would just like a general idea of how much this may cost us? We will prob have 30-40 people as well so ANY info/details you may have would be awesome!!!! If you need my personal email to send stuff its jleerox@yahoo.com Thanks!!! Jamie
  6. foops&smoops

    Dreams Cancun - Contract!!!!

    Hello Louise, I know you posted this a while ago but I was just curious how everything worked out for you at dreams? I am considering it and am concerned with your experience. Thanks, Jamie
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    Hello Gals.... My name is Jamie and I am from the Boston area. I just got engaged to the love of my life whom I met on Match.com. LOL I'm 30 and my fiancee is 32. We have no wedding date yet so I'm just kinda poking around. My new soon to be "sister in law" is a big fan of this site and she told me to check it out. Her and her new hubby (who also met on match.com) got married at the dreams hotel in cabo....and it was amazing. The most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. Because we had such a great time at their wedding....my fiancee and I are looking into a destination wedding also. I would never have imagined it possible if it wern't for them!!!! Thanks, Jamie