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    Getting married April 9 th, 2009 in Mexico

    ok, so I'm still getting use to this site. I'm kinda nervous , because Ana takes her sweet time geting back to me!!! I know everything will work out... It always seems 2. We have a wedding date of April 9,2009..... so soon!! This is Easter week and also a Holiday in Mexico. Ana was trying to find a minister for us so we could still get married. City Hall is closed this day and we are unable to have a civil wedding that day, but even for a symbolic wedding you still need a minister or someone!!! For us to finish the papper work here in the states we will need it signed by a jp or minister.That is why I really pray things work out. We had all are reservations at the NH riveara cancun, but I freaked out and changed them last minute. It's another long story. I hope things work out, but my time is running short. cynthia
  2. I can't wait..... only a few more weeks!!!! I will be getting married at the Ocean coral and turquesa in the Myan Riviera. Im still unsure of how everything is going to work.I'm looking forward to being a part of this forum!!!